Doing the Tango with Companies like 407 ETR

Tango is a ballroom dance that originated in Latin-America, known to be a dance of passion with a range of emotions. When you mention Highway 407 and the foreign company that operates it, Ferrovial or 407 ETR, a range of emotions and passions are evoked. Ontario is not alone. Ferrovial has inflamed passions all over […]

HOT Lanes Debate is Heating Up

On July 22nd, 2015, Premier Wynne confirmed her administration’s commitment to implementing HOT Lanes on Ontario’s GTHA highways after claiming the temporary HOV Lanes implemented for the Pan Am Games were a success. She didn’t confirm where the lanes would be implemented, but that they were coming. HOT Lanes are High Occupancy Toll Lanes. They […]

How We Were Sold on the Value of Highway 407

Is There a Need to Re-evaluate 407 ETR’s Contract?   When Highway 407 was being constructed, we were sold on how this highway was desperately needed to bring relief to our traffic congestion issues on Highway 401. How has Highway 407 performed over the past 15 years? We may never really know unless an impact […]

Is Failure to Pay 407 ETR’s Toll a Crime?

In the University of North Carolina’s School of Government blog, Shea Denning asks the question, “Is Failure to Pay a Toll a Crime?” I thought that was an interesting question because here in Canada, our first open access toll highway, 407 ETR, recently argued in the Supreme Court of Canada that the interest and […]

407 ETR and the Rapid Progression of Privatized Public Services

Regardless of whatever side of the fence you sit with respect to P3’s, most will agree that the privatization of Highway 407 in Ontario, Canada, was a mistake. Many of you that have been following the group, “Stop the 407 ETR’s Abuse of Power”, know their effort to change the 407 Act has been challenging. […]

407 ETR – The Public Remains in the Dark

Consumers don’t realize how fortunate they are that Hydro One is still a public company. Ontario’s Ombudsman, André Marin, released a damning report called, “In the Dark” on the Hydro One billing fiasco that stemmed from the implementation of a new customer information system. He holds no punches when he describes the culture that exists […]

407 ETR Aggressive Collection Tactics Have to Stop!

CTV News has been doing a great job covering the billing nightmare people have had to endure from the toll highway, 407 ETR. Tonight they talked about a woman who didn’t drive on the highway, but because her boyfriend used her car and drove on the highway, the company is coming after her. 407 ETR […]

Why Did 407 ETR Change Wording on Invoices in 2007?

Do you have old bills from 407 ETR? If you have an invoice from August 2007 it says:   “About your bill Bills are issued to users monthly and are due upon mailing. If payment is not received within 37 days of the “Bill Date” indicated on your bill, interest charges may accumulate. Interest accrues […]

407 ETR Denies Widespread Billing Mistakes

There has been a lot of action in the main stream media the past few days regarding issues with 407 ETR’s billing practices.   CTV’s Broadcast Journalist, Ashley Rowe did an expose of the struggles truckers have had when the company, 407 ETR, has made mistakes and double billed them for tolls their rigs had […]

Are You a Potential Candidate for a Class Action Against 407 ETR?

The group “Stop the 407 ETR’s Abuse of Power” is looking for potential candidates to bring a Class Action against 407 ETR. This will be the second Class Action the group assisted with against the company that operates the toll highway.   If you have an old bill, that was from a transponder account, for […]

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