Why Did 407 ETR Change Wording on Invoices in 2007?

Do you have old bills from 407 ETR? If you have an invoice from August 2007 it says:   “About your bill Bills are issued to users monthly and are due upon mailing. If payment is not received within 37 days of the “Bill Date” indicated on your bill, interest charges may accumulate. Interest accrues […]

407 ETR Denies Widespread Billing Mistakes

There has been a lot of action in the main stream media the past few days regarding issues with 407 ETR’s billing practices.   CTV’s Broadcast Journalist, Ashley Rowe did an expose of the struggles truckers have had when the company, 407 ETR, has made mistakes and double billed them for tolls their rigs had […]

Are You a Potential Candidate for a Class Action Against 407 ETR?

The group “Stop the 407 ETR’s Abuse of Power” is looking for potential candidates to bring a Class Action against 407 ETR. This will be the second Class Action the group assisted with against the company that operates the toll highway.   If you have an old bill, that was from a transponder account, for […]

Where is Consumers’ Independent Arbitration Process with 407 ETR?

According to Jodie Parmar, former Vice President, Corporate Development, Privatization Secretariat/Ontario that successfully led the $3.107 billion privatization of Highway 407, Section 19 of 407 Act creates the legal obligation for 407ETR to pay fees & expenses of LGIC (Lieutenant Governor in Council) appointed dispute arbitrators.  These arbitrators are supposed to be completely independent of […]

The Limitations Act and 407 ETR

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the Superior Court ruling that took place November 4th, 2014 between 407 ETR and Ira Day. Many people feel they should be able to get their plates back because 407 ETR did not appeal the Superior Court ruling which basically told the company that they had to […]

407 ETR Wins a Prestigious Customer Service Award?

WARNING: This article may cause an uncontrolled rage and/or projectile vomiting.   407 ETR just won a customer service award. It is touted to be not just any regular award, but the highest, most prestigious award there is to bestow upon a company for customer service… I just up chucked.   When you hear the […]

Supreme Court of Canada – 407 ETR – January 15th, 2015

When I was shopping for an outfit to wear to the Supreme Court of Canada hearing yesterday, there was this necklace with an owl on it that caught my eye so I bought it thinking owls represent wisdom and what better way to represent what I was hoping for. A wise ruling that would fix […]

407 ETR’s Plate Denial – The Province of Ontario is in the Driver’s Seat

For the last 4 years, I was told by the Province of Ontario’s, Ministry of Transportation’s office that they have no discretion over 407 ETR’s Plate Denial requests. I was told that because of a lower court’s ruling in 2006, 407 ETR has unfettered judgment in what they can charge people for tolls, fees and interest. […]

407 ETR Hearing before the Supreme Court of Canada January 15th, 2015‏

When I decided to form a facebook group back in 2010 to help bring forth a voice against 407 ETR’s abuse of the Plate Denial process, I had no idea that some of the issues would be before the Supreme Court of Canada now. I made this crude video of me basically talking over a […]

407 ETR and Economics‏

Explaining Economics to the masses can cause a sudden bout of narcolepsy (a sleeping disorder where by you frequently fall asleep) however, understanding the correlation to our quality of life is important. Economists have some major challenges in today’s society to ensure the data collected helps Regulators keep financial markets operating fairly. The challenges Economists […]

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