Who Started the Privatization Debate Surrounding 407 ETR?‏

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think 407 ETR?  I am sure for those of you who are reading this article, there is a negative emotional response. I think we have that knee jerk reaction because we are in the dark as to how this toll highway came into existence.  In […]

407 ETR – Regulating Plate Denial‏

The 407 Act has a built in deterrence from “toll evasion”.  It’s called “Plate Denial”.  In a nutshell, if you refuse to pay your bill, for lawful tolls, you will not be able to renew your sticker to drive your vehicle until you pay your bill.  Many would view this as a reasonable provision to act as a deterrence […]

Who Is Looking Over the Shoulder of 407ETR?‏

Who is looking over the shoulder of 407ETR?  The most direct answer is NOBODY!  The 407ETR seems to be an island on their own, with the power to withhold peoples vehicle registrations, a government provision … with absolutely no oversight. In my last article we revealed how the Ministry of Transportation gives out misinformation on […]

The Ministry of Transportation Gives Conflicting Information Re: 407ETR‏

The group “Stop the 407ETR’s Abuse of Power” has been busy over the past few weeks trying to piece together how the Ministry of Transportation receives notice from 407ETR and what documentation they receive that justifies putting someone in Plate Denial. The group is complaining that they have been receiving conflicting information from the Ministry […]

Please Feel Free to Complain Re: MTO/407ETR Billing Practices

Thanks so much for your ongoing support to rein in 407 ETR.  While we are waiting on the Appeal Court’s decision on 407 ETR’s request for a Stay while they appeal to Supreme Court, we need to ramp up this campaign. Please file a complaint to the Provincial Ombudsman here http://ombudsman.on.ca/Make-a-Complaint/Complaint-Submission.aspx  The Provincial Ombudsman has just […]

How Does Someone End Up With a $43,000.00 407 ETR Bill?‏!

When Andrew Bird left the Province of Ontario for work, he had no idea the surprise that would await him when he returned and tried to plate his vehicle. Service Ontario told him that he would have to pay $43,000.00 in 407 ETR tolls before he would be able to put his vehicle on the […]

Open Letter to Kevin Sack 407 ETR’s VP of Communications & Government Relations‏

Dear Mr. Sack,   Thank-you for responding to recent media coverage of billing issues that still exist within your company.  While I can appreciate you not wanting to get into the weeds by answering how someone ends up with a $43,000 bill, as in the case of Andrew Bird, I hope you can also appreciate […]

The Birth of Highway 407

In the 1950’s, as part of the 400 series highways corridor, identified as Parkway Belt land, property acquisition began. Leslie Frost, 16th Premier of Ontario, from 1949-1961 created the 400 series of highways, most notably was  the Macdonald-Cartier Freeway better known as Highway 401.  The 1950′s saw the birth of Highway 407.  The land was purchased […]

What to Do If You Are In Plate Denial & Went Bankrupt Re: 407ETR‏

Last week you’ll recall we informed you on an exciting decision made by the Appeal Court of Ontario.  407ETR is not exempt from the Bankruptcy Insolvency Act.  This means the Ministry of Transportation is to release people who have claimed bankruptcy with a 407ETR debt from Plate Denial. Members of the group, Stop the 407ETR’s […]

Appeal Court Rules 407 ETR Debts are Discharged & MTO is to Reinstate Plate‏

There has been some exciting developments for those that support reining in 407ETR’s abuse of power.  For about 3 years now, the group, Stop the 407ETR’s Abuse of Power, has highlighted the need to regulate how 407ETR uses the provision of the Plate Denial process.  It seems the group may be gaining momentum. The Appeal […]

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