Pat Foran CTV News Investigates 407 ETR’s “Bill Gate”‏

Every time Pat Foran does a story on Highway 407, I write to him.  This time around I wasn’t going to bother because sometimes I feel mainstream media wants to remain nice nice with 407 ETR.  Kevin Sack has a lot of friends in the media and for a no name like myself, it hasn’t […]

407 ETR Wants You to Pay for their Oversights

Reading through 407 ETR’s Factum filed to the Supreme Court of Canada, on their quest to quash the Appeal Court’s ruling on how it treats bankrupt people in the Province of Ontario, was like listening to the company whine about how we should be responsible for their chosen business model. They bought a highway without a gate […]

Do You Have a 407 ETR Story?‏

There are 3 cases before the courts that are of particular interest to the group Stop the 407 ETR’s Abuse of Power. The first one being the Class Action that was filed against 407 ETR in 2012. To recap, there are 3 Plaintiffs that have brought the action on behalf of bankrupt people that have […]

CPPIB 40% Owner of 407ETR Slammed for Hiding Expenses‏

Back in 2010, I noticed some questionable reports prior to Ferrovial selling 10% of it’s share in 407 ETR to CPPIB.  At the time, Ferrovial owned 53% of 407 ETR, Canada’s most controversial Private-Public-Partnership (P3) that operates Highway 407. I questioned if Ferrovial “HAD” to sell part of their very profitable shares because of our […]

Big business like 407ETR can buy their way to the top of the internet‏

How influenced are you by sites like Yelp when purchasing a product or using a service? That was a question I asked social media expert and online personality “Urgo”. He didn’t say how much he was influenced by the reviews he read online, but did say it was a service he used mostly when he […]

Social Media is 407 ETR’s Kryptonite

This month the Superior Court of Justice will rule on whether or not 407 ETR can ignore Ontario’s Limitations Act.  407 ETR is trying to say that the law allows the company to “discover” a claim when they decide legal action would be the best solution to collect on a debt and so therefore, it […]

Tentative Date Set in Supreme Court 407 ETR Appeal‏

  A tentative date has been set in the Supreme Court of Canada Appeal by 407 ETR for January 15th, 2015. The question is whether or not section 22 of the 407 Act is constitutionally inoperative under the doctrine of federal legislative paramountcy as it pertains to bankrupts. Lenczner Slaght, lawyers for 407 ETR in […]

Supreme Court of Canada to Hear 407 ETR’s Appeal

Update: May 8th, 2014 the Supreme Court of Canada agreed to hear 407 ETR’s appeal. It’s expected that the court will hear the case 9-12 months from now and then take a further 6 months to decide. To keep up to date with the progress of the case please go to Scarfone Hawkins’ website […]

407 ETR Appeal to Supreme Court – Intervener’s Application for Leave Dismissed

We have  been anxiously awaiting to hear whether or not the Supreme Court of Canada will hear 407 ETR’s Appeal on how they have been handling bankrupts.  We have one decision so far.  The Supreme Court of Canada has dismissed the Intervener’s Application for Leave. 407 ETR wants to keep the issue about just one […]

Election Time & 407 ETR

Well it’s election time again.  It seems with all the by-elections lately, this is a normal event.  Speaking as a normal everyday citizen, I have to express my indifference with politicians.  They smile and tell you they care about you the taxpayer/voter, but what happens after election day?  Let me tell you about the time […]

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