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How is Comparing the Sale to 407 ETR an Argument in Selling Hydro One?

Ontario’s new Financial Accountability Officer says privatizing Hydro One will be a bad deal for the Province. The Province says they are moving forward, full steam ahead, with privatizing Hydro One and throws the sale of Highway 407, to 407 ETR, in the face of everyone that questions the rationale behind what appears to be […]

A Non Partisan Approach to 407 ETR Issues

I have been asked so many times which political party I support. I always answer by saying that I am nonpartisan. Truth be told, it frees you to speak truth to power because you don’t toe a party line and you are in a better position to reason with hot headed, furiously partisan people that […]

Waiting for the Supreme Court of Canada to decide on 407 ETR’s Appeal

It has been 10 months since the Supreme Court of Canada heard 407 ETR’s Appeal on the issue of Paramountcy with respects to the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act. To recap, the Province of Ontario has intervened and said, “the fresh start provided by a discharge in bankruptcy was never intended to wipe away the consequences […]

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