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Diplomacy Doesn’t Work with 407 ETR

We have heard many stories in the media whereby 407 ETR incorrectly billed people due to 407 ETR’s equipment failure. Double billing, not recording the entrance or exit and misread plates seem to be the main issues with 407 ETR’s equipment. Generally, if one of those stories hits in the media, the company is very […]

407 ETR Customer Service Representative Conversation  

Phone Conversation with 407 ETR’s VP of Communications

407 ETR Asks Us to do Them a Favor  

407 ETR Asks Us to do the Company a Favor

In my last article, I spoke about how 407 ETR started to send out what the company is calling a “discretionary interest adjustment” In the article, I posted a 40 minute call I had with one of the company’s customer service representatives. Last week, I got a call from Kevin Sack. Kevin Sack is 407 […]

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