407 ETR Asks Us to do the Company a Favor

In my last article, I spoke about how 407 ETR started to send out what the company is calling a “discretionary interest adjustment” http://407etr-abuseofpower.com/index.php/407-etr-sends-out-a-discretionary-interest-adjustment/ In the article, I posted a 40 minute call I had with one of the company’s customer service representatives.

Last week, I got a call from Kevin Sack. Kevin Sack is 407 ETR’s Vice President of Government Relations and Communications. He said he was calling to ask me to do something for the company. Although I remained silent in the conversation, in my mind I was saying, “are you freaking kidding me?” He wanted me to remove the phone conversation I had with the company’s customer service representative. I told him that if the company would treat me fairly I would, but because they still won’t deal with me, I am leaving it there and now I am releasing the phone call I had with Kevin Sack.


In North Carolina, they have a policy that addresses when toll bills should be mailed. GS 136-89.214 has been around since 2013, and the 90 day rule has been in place since then. It currently reads as follows:“If a motor vehicle travels on a Turnpike project that uses an open road tolling system and a toll for traveling on the project is not paid prior to travel or at the time of travel, the Authority must send a bill by first-class mail to the registered owner of the motor vehicle or the person who had care, custody, and control of the vehicle as established under G.S. 136-89.212(b) for the amount of the unpaid toll. The Authority must send the bill within 90 days after the travel occurs, or within 90 days of receipt of a sworn affidavit submitted under G.S. 136-89.212(b) identifying the person who had care, custody, and control of the motor vehicle. If a bill is not sent within the required time, the Authority waives collection of the toll. The Authority must establish a billing period for unpaid open road tolls that is no shorter than 15 days. A bill for a billing period must include all unpaid tolls incurred by the same person during the billing period.”

In other words, if their tolling authority doesn’t send a bill within 90 days, they waive all tolls. That seems fair to me, but 407 ETR doesn’t see it that way. They falsely believe they should be able to get thousands of dollars in interest and fees for their mistakes and when you tell them you aren’t paying for their mistakes, they place you in plate denial. You no longer can drive a vehicle. How is that fair?

Had the Province of Ontario developed a policy like North Carolina’s, it would have prevented the predatory practices 407 ETR has been accused of for so many years. My group would never have been necessary. While I do really believe Mr. Sack when he says the company has heard my concerns, I am puzzled as to why they don’t just treat me fairly. I know the company has heard me because I see the changes the company has made and while it’s a positive step forward, there’s still more work to be done. They still need to deal with me. But so far the company is burying their head in the sand. They think leaving me to languish in plate denial forever that some day I am just going to pay some fictitious bill. After all of these years you would think they would realize that I am not paying them anything and apologize for their mistakes. Not this company. They will never surrender and neither will I. We will be in court forever.


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3 Responses to “407 ETR Asks Us to do the Company a Favor”

  1. R says:

    They seem to fail to understand that while the call is personally upsetting to the CSR, their policies are devastating to the lives of tens of thousands of its unfortunate customers.

    They have lost in court on issues repeatedly yet continue use ridiculous collections and billing practices. Even after the bankruptcy supreme court loss. They continue to fight over needing documentation yet they have already been named and served by trustees.

    I’m not sure whats happened in Ontario in the last ten or twenty years. Many large companies have adopted very creative and aggressive billing practices that are very harmful to consumers. Often riding the edge of the law and even crossing over it when they know they wont likely be challenged.

    Whoever is educating or advising these firms needs to be brought to light. There is a thread of commonality and these people need to be publicly exposed imho.

    • Tammy Flores says:

      I agree! The “Non-Aligned” countries have been complaining about this kind of behavior for a long time. To see it happening in a “First World” nation is absolutely disgusting! Countries are losing their sovereignty to corporate interests.

      • R says:

        They wont change anything out of best practice or common sense. Every inch is a battle.

        The only way is to get federal politicians to legislate or the courts to inflict a crushing penalty on them.

        The 407 and Ontario government seem locked together too tightly to effect any meaningful change.

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