407 ETR Wins a Prestigious Customer Service Award?

WARNING: This article may cause an uncontrolled rage and/or projectile vomiting.


407 ETR just won a customer service award. It is touted to be not just any regular award, but the highest, most prestigious award there is to bestow upon a company for customer service… I just up chucked.


When you hear the words Oscar or Academy, you recognize it as a prestigious event that awards excellence in the film industry. The Academy strives to promote ethics in an industry that has always struggled with image. The Academy’s award of merit is the coveted Oscar.


What comes to mind when you hear “The Service Quality Measurement (SQM) Group”? I hear crickets, however, according to their website, they are the Oscars of customer service. Since 1996 they have been a leading North American research firm for benchmarking and tracking voice of the customer (VoC), first call resolution (FCR) and customer satisfaction (Csat) call center performance. They sell themselves as an accredited business member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. This means that SQM group meets BBB accreditation standards, which focus on the commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints.


When you read what this group strives to accomplish for businesses, you think that they walked on water. But really what they are is a PR firm disguised as consultants. We all know 407 ETR has an image problem and it isn’t going to matter how prestigious or how high of an award for customer service they receive, it isn’t going to do anything for this company’s image. This company needs to get off their high horse and listen to us about what their problem is.


I have already called out the Better Business Bureau for claiming 407 ETR was in good standing with them. To quote the Better Business Bureau’s response to me they said, “We regret to inform you that your BBB can not process your complaint. The case has been reviewed and was found to contain issues that are out of your BBB’s Purview. It is our policy to process only those complaints that fall into your BBB’s scope. Items such as landlord/tenant issues, criminal allegations, requests for punitive damages, employer/employee disputes, cases already involved in litigation, civil rights violations, business to business collection issues, etc… are not handled by your BBB.”


In other words the Better Business Bureau is nothing but window dressing. The BBB does nothing for the rot that exits within the businesses they claim are in good standing. I would say the same goes for The Service Quality Measurement (SQM) Group. It’s has nothing to do with the ethics of a business. The scope of their operation stops at how much the company is paying them to appear to look good. The 407 ETR sure didn’t listen to the voice of this customer, nor the thousands of customers that fell victim to this company’s predatory behavior of lying in wait for years, under ambiguity to pounce on unsuspecting victims for thousands and thousands of dollars. Not only did they not resolve our issues on the first call, but we have about 10 years worth of communications with this company and our issues remain unresolved. We are not satisfied customers. We went into 407 ETR’s offices in 2012 to negotiate a resolution and there was no commitment from the company to make a good faith effort to resolve any of our complaints. Our voice wasn’t part of the vote that bestowed this award on this company.


The company cannot buy their way out of their image problem with “accredited” groups bestowing upon them awards when their operations are rotten to the core. They have to apologize for their mistakes, make us whole and conform their business operations to consumer protection laws.

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17 Responses to “407 ETR Wins a Prestigious Customer Service Award?”

  1. D Murph says:

    Ok I have asked before but I am still no quite sure just how many customers or victims of the 407etr extortion regeme tactics, actually exist????
    When you phone the 407etr and speak to customers service or any department of the 407 for that matter. They are polite and trained/programed to respond and to be drones of the 407etr company standards, its like listening to a prerecorded message with no one of intellegence on the 407etr’s phone line.
    If you ask any questions or tell them they are incorrect/or just plain wrong!!! concerning a bill they simply do not compute?
    So if this is excellent customers service? then just what is this world coming to??? I wonder how much they paid to have false advertising LMAO
    That’s just putting it mildly!!!
    D Murph

  2. D Murph says:

    Just who or whom is moderating our replies to this website? what now we can not speak the truth about our laws in our country without being moderated LMAO too much? what a bunch of crap!!!

    • Tammy Flores says:

      Hi D Murph, nobody moderates the comment section. We have anti spam initiatives in place and sometimes someone has to physically approve a comment. It appears yours goes through automaticly.

      • D Murph says:

        Hello Tammy I was shocked the other day when I saw a pop up for the first time on this website saying my email was under moderation! Thank you for clearing that up regarding my concern of just whom is the moderator!

  3. mike says:

    Yeah right,, when ever I call them to speak to a manager/supervisor I end up getting really mad due to the the individuals condescending attitude…well guess I cant blame them cause they really believe that I owe them over five grand from a 2002 loss of transponder fee of 56 large dollars…wait just a sec., Joe owes me fifty bucks that he borrowed in 1980 if I do 407 math that means Joe will have to pay me around $18,000…wait didn’t people get locked up for this in the past?

    • Tammy Flores says:

      Mike, you have noticed this trend too? It seems these companies are trying to assert what they want over our rights. It’s so unethical for their lawyers to not just advise them to keep the status quo, but when they are being pushed back, to fight for them and try to bend the will of the government the people elect to power. Check out this article in “Forbes” http://www.forbes.com/sites/jeffbercovici/2011/06/14/why-some-psychopaths-make-great-ceos/ They say Psychopaths make the best CEO’s because they lack the behavioral controls and tender feelings the rest of us take for granted. They lack the things that make you human: empathy, remorse, loving kindness. The article is quoted as saying, “the way that capitalism is structured really is a physical manifestation of the brain anomaly known as psychopathy”… “what grows in the vacant field where that empathy should be is a joy in manipulating people, a lack of remorse, a lack of guilt”… not to mention they love to make a killing (in a monitary sense).

  4. D Murph says:

    mike please read the Canadian Constitution and the Charter of Right and Freedoms and you are not wrong, at all, in saying this Company this “Private Company” is illegally attempting to collect on bogus debts and debts that should have been release and purged from record ages ago by using extortion tactics.
    The MTO can not be sued, however, they must be forced to stop collecting extortionary amounts of cash on behalf of this Private entity of the 407etr.
    We have a RIGHT to travel freely in whatever manner we choose in Canada/Ontario and our provinces money grab scheme is to charge us for plate stickers in order to drive legally.
    I have no fines at all! do you? did any Ontario court take your right to drive away? I assume the answer is No! So this nonsense has to be PUT to an end because what the MTO and 407etr is doing is against all of the Canadian laws !!!! Keep complaining and keep fighting back!!!

  5. mike says:

    My right to drive has not been taken away unless you speak of the 407 plate denial…I have written to the Prime Minister,,,the Premier,,,My Member of Parliament and each one of them directed me to the Minister of Transportation on several occasions over many years..
    The Minister of Transportation just tells me that the issue is closed and they will no longer respond to my complaints, I was never given a “COMPREHENSIVE ANSWER”…LOOK HERE :

    Dear Mr. Kennedy:

    Thank you for your e-mail of December 19, 2014 to Premier Wynne, regarding plate denial for tolls incurred on 407 ETR. I have been asked to respond on her behalf.

    The Ministry of Transportation appreciates your concerns. However, please note that we responded to your previous enquiries on the following dates: March 6, 2009; March 9, 2010; December 10, 2013; December 13, 2013; and November 28, 2014.

    Because we have already given you a comprehensive answer to your question on these occasions, we have no more information to provide. As a result, we will no longer be able to respond to future correspondence from you on this specific topic.

    Thank you.


    Peter Verok, P.Eng.

    Regional Director

    Ministry of Transportation

    Central Region

    2nd Floor, Bldg. D

    1201 Wilson Avenue

    Toronto, Ontario M3M 1J8

    • mike says:

      Nice Forbes read, thank you.

    • Tammy Flores says:

      Complain to the Provincial Ombudsman because by law they have to respond. I haven’t gotten a response either. All the Provincial Ombudsman can do is respond if MTO doesn’t. Complain here https://ombudsman.on.ca/Make-a-Complaint/Complaint-Submission.aspx

    • D Murph says:

      Dear Mike, This is exactly what I was saying the MTO is holding your plate in denial for a Private Company the 407 etr.
      The 407 etr is NOT a Crown Corporation, which mean they should not have any Legal RIGHT to dictate to any drivers here in Ontario.
      The MTO calls the denial a FINE But there is no fine!
      According to the law this is not legal, we have not been charged in a court of law, with any traffic violations or Provicial offences.
      The MTO is NOT a collection company, nor are they licensed to be a collection company.
      I too wrote to the MTO in fact directly to Glen Murray the MPP and Minister of Transportation in 2013. He told me to take the 407etr to court that they had no say in the 407etr business activities? LOL
      So why is the MTO collecting Bogus debts??? for the 407etr!
      If you have not written to the obudsman of ontario keep these thoughts in mind and remind them that the 407 has no legal rights!!! to deny or dictate, here in Canada

  6. Cory says:

    Did it ever occur to anyone that there may be vested interest by parties in our government. That these people are pocketing millions through investments in the 407. What other reason would there be for our government to allow the underhanded tactics of a foreign company to take hold and undermine our laws.

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