407ETR’s Information Regarding Your Bill – Is it legal? Travelling the 407ETR Enters You into a 15 Year Agreement!

Change the 407 Act! Please sign and share the petition to reign this company in http://www.change.org/petitions/change-the-407act  We can better regulate how Plate Denial is applied.


Would you enter an agreement that you have never seen, read or got an independent legal opinion on for 15 years? Absolutely not most will say.  If your wheels have been on highway 407 that’s exactly what you did according to 407ETR.

Someone recently pointed out what is written on the back of 407ETR’s invoices and questioned whether or not it is legal. I am not a lawyer; however, having looked up consumer protection laws, I don’t think it is legal. I will highlight a few points for you.


It says, “Bills are issued to users monthly, and are due upon mailing. Due to processing times and cut-off, there may be additional charges billed on future invoices…407ETR does not send a bill if an outstanding account has no activity for 2 months…each trip by your vehicle… constitutes your agreement that… until the fifteenth anniversary of the Bill Date of this bill or of subsequent bills that first indicates such amount is payable.”  Here’s a scenario on how this is interpreted when you call Customer Service because you received an outrageous bill.


Customer: I just received a bill for $4,000.00. I haven’t been on your highway for many, many years. There are no details on this bill. I know I paid my bill. Wait a minute this isn’t even my account. What’s going on?
407 CSR: Your bill is due when we mailed it. It doesn’t matter that you only received the bill now or if we accessed MTO’s database to make sure we sent the bill to the right person or the right address. What matters is that we accessed MTO’s database now because we want to collect this outstanding amount.
Customer: What? It’s not my account. My account is paid and has been paid.


407 CSR: The plate belongs to you so you owe this bill. It also doesn’t matter if you actually drove on the highway, as long as we say you owe… you owe and there’s nothing we will do for you. We will continue to add compounded interest at the rate of 26.82% for up to 15 years.


Customer: What? Hold on a minute, when did these charges occur?


407 CSR: About 5 years ago and it doesn’t matter that you only received your bill now, or the fact that you already have a transponder account with that plate. We can do this because even if you didn’t drive on our highway, we can say you did and take away your ability to license your vehicle. So save your breathe. Just pay up. We have been lobbying the Ministry of Transportation and several other government agencies for many years. We have more money than you. You are only a taxpayer and won’t be able to access these government agencies that can help because we just signed a new agreement with the government to build another highway. Cash is King and you have none.


Customer: What? Taxpayers should be more important. After all it is taxpayers that vote for the politicians. You would think they would want taxpayers on their side.


407 CSR: Silly Customer, that’s not the way the world works. Oh you can dispute the amount, but we don’t put any information on our invoices regarding the dispute process because even if you do dispute the amounts owed, all our tiers of bureaucracy are well trained to say that their investigation has concluded and we followed exactly what we said we would on our invoice. Stop complaining, it doesn’t matter that you only received it now, you owe us so pay it or we will place you in Plate Denial. Oh… you want to take it to someone higher up, no problem, they will investigate our investigation and our investigations are always without fault. P.S. Even though there are independent arbitrators, good luck accessing them, we aren’t going to tell you how to do it and neither will the government.
We have to rein this company in once and for all! Please sign and share the petition http://www.change.org/petitions/premier-kathlynn-wynne-glen-murray-tracy-maccharles-change-the-407act

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14 Responses to “407ETR’s Information Regarding Your Bill – Is it legal? Travelling the 407ETR Enters You into a 15 Year Agreement!”

  1. D Murphy says:

    I recently found the Statute of Limitation Act. and your website concerning the ETR’s illegal practices.
    My problem should be simply however I can Not find any one that will assist me with my fight against my plate denial.
    My bill is from 2002 for a very small amount on the back of those bills it did not inform anyone of the 15 year allowance for collecting the debt and the interest then was 12.68% per annum and as I understand in the Sta.of Lim. ACT the 15 year clause only applies for a written consent for a business agreement? In Jan 2003 I received a wopping bill for $4323.66. I refused to pay the extortionous, amount in 2008, when they denied my plate sticker. They have cost me, a right to own a viable means of transportation to work here in Ontario. I live in a rural area and have required vehicle since 2008.
    The Ontario Limitations Act Clearly states that after 2 yrs a company can not pursue the debtor and after 6yrs and one day all debt is PURDGED!!!
    I do not owe the 407 this black mail money!!! Nor have I attempted any negotiation with the 407ETR. I only wrote a letter of dispute and was told my plate my bill. THIS PRACTICE, IS TOTALLY ILLEGAL HERE IN ONTARIO. In accordance with The Statute of Limitation Act Canada
    In closing would someone with some solution contact my email, I would really appreciate it.
    Thanks D Murphy

  2. Frank says:

    If a company that you owe money to have have not paid them you are free and clear of paying them provided there has been no judgement made against you for that money in 6 years plus a day. In 407 etr case they have you or so they think by the balls as non payment will affect your license so I highly doubt they would go through the expense of having a judgement made against you, Furthermore after the 6 years plus a day you can demand they remove anything they have put on your credit report.

    • Tammy Flores says:

      Funny you say that. I have been embroiled with these guys since 2005 on charges that supposedly occured in the year 2000… and there isn’t a thing on my credit report. I have an excellent credit rating, however, I am in “Plate Denial”. The Ministry of Transporation has neglected enforceing clauses in the agreement/Act that calls for independent arbitration. What 407ETR is doing needs to be called into account and I am hopeful that the lawyers on June 10th are successful!

  3. margo reyes says:

    Yes Illegal should be !! and now we get screwed. no money. no plate. I believe in paying your bills but theirs are abusive in their charges specially interest charges.
    I will never used the 407 ever again. please someone do something. enough abuse its enough… Hydro. Enbridge. what else. Its our money !

  4. bob johnson says:

    like its sad tht you can have a 4000 plus bill and your use be just over 1000

    is there not laws on interest rates in canada, how can a monoply just fix a rate

    my bill was run up by my ex and im not paying this bill and my sticker is now invalid and ive been pulled over once, explained and let go no ticket

    anyone need ppl for a class action suit….count me in

  5. Laura says:

    Just wondering if anybody can help me with this. I owed 407 $ 160 back in 2007. I returned their stupid transponder back in2008. Recently I get an invoice saying I owe them $1100. How do I go about fighti this?

  6. Tonia Miller says:

    Oh my god I went on 407 once for about 5 min almost 6 years ago. I lost a plate few months after that with in days plate was cancelled and I was issued new plates. Havnt been on only that one time aparebtly someone found my plate and has men using it. Ever year I renew I have to pay hundreds of $ and I have no clue what to do or how to stop it??? Someone please help my email is Tonia-miller@hotmail.com someone please email me and explain how I even begin to dispute this or at very least get it to stop happening please someone help xo

  7. DMurph says:

    Well we just had Canada Day!
    Now,why isn’t the Canadian Bill of Rights S.C 1960, C44, applied? to protect us from (Plate Denial)scheme/scam.
    It clearly states in Part 1 (a)An Act, for the Recognition and Protection of Humane Rights and Fundamental Freedoms namely; the right of the person and individual to life,liberty,security and enjoyment of property and the right not to be deprived thereof except by due process of the law.
    None of us in “plate denial” have been prosecuted by any Canadian Law.
    It is supposed to be a Democracy in our County of Canada?
    MTO says Private Companies must collect their own debts. So how and why is it that the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario, is allowed to hold our licence plates in denial for a Private Company The 407 etr?
    Someone should really take this seriously! Far too many Law are being ignored!!!

    • Mel says:

      “So how and why is it that the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario, is allowed to hold our licence plates in denial for a Private Company The 407 etr?”

      that’s what I am wondering. In our situation, it’s not even our plate number.

  8. Greg and Miriam says:

    HELP!!!!! My wife had a transponder that was company issued. She used the 407 regularily and at some point started getting billed for use despite having a company issued transponder. Over a decade has gone by; at first we tried to rectify this problem and no luck. Now she owes $27,000!!!! Probably about 90% of which is admin and interest…………….plus the 407 was getting paid, they were double billing. What can we do?

  9. Leandra says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about 407 billing. Regards

  10. Monica Edwards says:

    There was an outstanding amount of 400.00 owing to 407 from my ex. He repeatedly told them the transponder was faulty, and the readings were not correct. 407 continued to ignore the matter and continued billing.
    After he claimed bankruptcy, 407 transferred the outstanding amount to my account. After repeated reminders to them and letting them know that the account did not belong to me, they continued sending the bills which now is over 11 years and the amount owing has accumulated to $88,000.00. Please advise how this can be resolved. They refuse to accept any explanation despite repeated requests

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