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Welcome to our new blog. We are a group of concerned citizens that are focused on shedding some light on a gross abuse of power that, up to this point, remains unchecked.

The Facebook Group, Stop the 407 ETR’s Abuse of Power was started as a way for all those in the Greater Toronto Area, that has ever had an issue with the current operator of Highway 407, to have a voice. We invite you to share your experiences good or bad in hopes that the powers that be (our government) will fix the problems surrounding this highway once and for all. They started to do something with MPP, Mike Colle’s report in 2006, but stopped half way. The problems still exist and continuing to turn a blind eye to them only makes the problems worse and the operators of this highway more braisen in their abuse of power.

What is an Abuse of Power? Generally, the term Abuse of Power is used when referring to elected officials. We are hearing alot about it in the news over the Bev Oda affair here in Canada’s Federal Office. It’s the official misconduct or the commission of an unlawful act done in an official capacity which affects the performance of official duties.

In this day and age of private and public partnerships, it can extend into the private world that is acting on behalf of public interests such as the current operators of Highway 407.

I hope you enjoy reading our submissions on revealing this abuse of power happening in the Greater Toronto Area and join us in fighting the spread of it because if we don’t stand up and do something now, your Province, Town or City can be next.

Yours truly,
Tammy Flores
Founder of Stop the 407 ETR’s Abuse of Power

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