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Diplomacy Doesn’t Work with 407 ETR

We have heard many stories in the media whereby 407 ETR incorrectly billed people due to 407 ETR’s equipment failure. Double billing, not recording the entrance or exit and misread plates seem to be the main issues with 407 ETR’s equipment. Generally, if one of those stories hits in the media, the company is very […]

407 ETR Sends Out A “Discretionary Interest Adjustment”

I got home from work last week to open an invoice from 407 ETR for one of the 3 accounts the company opened in my name that showed the previous balance of $7,240.12 had been reduced by $5,610.40. The invoice gave no explanation why other than to say, that it was to “assist” me in […]

407 ETR: Traffic Management Reduces Environmental Impact of Driving?

When it was free to travel on Highway 407, it was very noticeable how free flowing Highway 401 became. October 15th, 1997, the day people were charged to use the toll highway, it was a retreat back to the 401. Transportation Minister, Al Palladini, drove the toll highway during the morning rush hour with his […]

Is 407 ETR a Business Leading the World Out of the Climate Crisis?

At the Climate Summit of the Americas held in Toronto July 7 to 9, 2015 Al Gore is quoted by the Toronto Star as saying, “Fighting climate change will be a boon to the global economy…businesses will lead the world out of the climate crisis.” Can we really trust business to “do the right thing”? […]

407 ETR Appeals Justice Edwards Decision

February 29th, 2016 407 ETR was back in court on an appeal the company filed against Ira Day. You’ll recall that on November 4th, 2014, Justice Edwards ruled that 407 ETR is not exempt from the Limitations Act and went on to say “There is nothing from my review of the Limitations Act nor the […]

407 ETR Raises Rates – AGAIN!!!

How much is too much? 407 ETR raises rates, again. Depending on what part of the highway and what time you travel on it, you are now paying the following:   But wait that’s not all they have also worked in a per trip fee of $1.00 and a monthly lease/account fee of $3.75. It […]

The Fight to Reign in 407 ETR Continues

An open letter to: Minister of Transportation, Steven DelDuca. In response to my repeated plea for you to intervene in the 407 ETR fiasco, January 18th, 2016, Ministry of Transportation Analyst, Chris Conroy stated “it is unclear on what grounds the Minister of Transportation would have to take action against the private company”. Mr. DelDuca, […]

Double Standards for 407 ETR

There are so many complaints the public has with respects to Highway 407 and how it’s been operated over the past 15 years. At the heart is 407 ETR’s lack of concern for following consumer protection laws. It seems the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as one of the shareholders in this highway […]

407 ETR Ignores Consumer Protection Laws and the Province Does Nothing

Between 2005 and 2007, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, made decisions that gave 407 ETR the idea that it was OK to ignore consumer protection laws. Those decisions now affect thousands and thousands of people negatively in the Province of Ontario and it’s about time these wrongs were made right by the Province. The […]

A Call for Transportation Minister, Steven Del Duca to intervene in 407 ETR’s Billing Nightmare

The group “Stop the 407 ETR’s Abuse of Power” has been calling for the Minister of Transportation, Steven Del Duca, to intervene and hold 407 ETR accountable for not following consumer protection legislation. While the Ministry of Transportation has responded to my letter, December 9th, 2015, they didn’t address whether or not the Minister has […]

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