Do You Have a 407 ETR Story?‏

There are 3 cases before the courts that are of particular interest to the group Stop the 407 ETR’s Abuse of Power. The first one being the Class Action that was filed against 407 ETR in 2012. To recap, there are 3 Plaintiffs that have brought the action on behalf of bankrupt people that have filed their bankruptcies with 407 ETR as a creditor, have been discharged, but the company has refused to acknowledge the bankruptcy and lift the Plate Denial against them for outstanding tolls, interest and fees.
The second is the Supreme Court case 407 ETR has brought about that asks the constitutional question of whether or not section 22 of the 407 Act is inoperative.  The Appeal Court has said they found section 22 was in fact inoperative as it pertains to bankrupt individuals.  Section 22 of the 407 Act has to do with the Plate Denial process the company has been enforcing on people that don’t pay tolls and interest fees they claim are owed.  That case, so far, has the Province of Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec and Saskatchewan’s Attorney Generals putting their notice of intervention in.  We expect more interveners in this case, but so far no other notices have been filed.
The third is a Small Claims court case 407 ETR has brought against Ira Day for approximately $13,000.00. The group Stop the 407 ETR’s Abuse of Power has questioned the company’s move in suing Ira Day considering there are many more cases that the company claims owes much more than Ira Day’s $13,000 in tolls and fees.  We have seen recent media of coverage of consumers that have received bills for more than $40,000.00 after not hearing from the company for many years.  Considering Ira Day’s defense is that the Limitations Act says a company has 2 years to enforce collections on a delinquent account, the outcome of this case is very important in moving forward to regulate this company’s behavior with consumers.

Do you have a 407 ETR story you’d like to share?  The group Stop the 407 ETR’s Abuse of Power is looking for people that have stories they want to share, good or bad with respects to 407 ETR’s billing/Plate Denial issues.

The group is making a documentary and is making a call for people to come forward with their stories.  The group has found there is so much misinformation out there about this highway.  The media for the most part has reported on what the issues are surrounding this highway, but has fallen short as to what can be and should be done to resolve the issues, hence the reason the group feels the need to make a documentary.  The more understanding the public has about the issues, the easier it will be for the group to convince the government to act and regulate this company’s behavior with consumers.
If you would like to share your story please email, join the group on facebook OR send a message through their website
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13 Responses to “Do You Have a 407 ETR Story?‏”

  1. D Murphy says:

    I have complained in the past concerning the laws of Canada and the Provincial Laws that the 407 ETR chooses to ignore for an old bill from 2004 that has been under disbute since 2003! The 407ETR has the right to raise tolls under the 407 Actm
    However,they had no right to imposing the 15 year period of a Business agreement in 2005?
    So that would deem the “Staute of Limitations Act” Totally Valid, according to Canadian Law, would it not?

  2. Alex says:

    In my own experience 407 ETR’s failure to provide me with proper on time billing resulted in plate denial which I paid at the time of plate renewal $178(October). Shortly after I’ve received a statement of credit of $5 on my next invoice(November). Following that month I’ve received another statement saying I owe $178 dollars and 15 days after that, that amount it was $205. When I tried to make spence of this with 407 ETR that its not possible for me to accrue that amount since I have not took 407since. They told me that they have multiple accounts in my name with different amounts and that 407 can send just the interest for six months to Ministry of Transportation and not the combined balance. This is truly an unfair situation this company is clearly abusing the power they’ve been given to display them selfs how they see fit without any reprocautions. I’am a member of Canadian Armed forces since 2005 I pay my bills, taxes and obey the rules. I hate when company or person in position takes advantage of honest people.
    Thank you for your time and considerations in these matters.

  3. Karl says:

    Aprox 2004 I had opened an account with the 407 an given them a VALID credit card for auto withdrawals. Soon after I was getting calls from collection agencies for the 407 about unpaid bills.
    How is this possible? I asked if you have a CC on record. Answer was somehow other accounts were generated and couldn’t collect for them. I am one person, one transponder, one car. How do I generate other accounts?
    After months of this with no resolution and crazy inflated bills I had negotiated an exit from the 407 of about $300.00 (successfully deducted from my CC) from what I believe was an erroneous $600. I swore that I would never use that God forsaken HWY again. About 6 months later that $300.00 reappeared with interest. When asked what this is all about their reply was our records don’t go back that far?
    I can not win with them. This now 10 years and no one listens.
    I remind them that there were 2 people who committed suicide from 407 collections. Well publicized in the newspaper. In both cases 407 apologized for a mistake in there billing. My account is another billing mistake.

  4. D Murph says:

    These parasites the 407 etr, need to be “sued” by every individual, within a 2 week period,on a everyday basis ,if this is even possible within that time line? “flooding the courts will set legal acknoweledgement” given the numbers of individuals and families that have been gravely and severely affected by the 407’s illegal means of collection for bogus debts.
    I would be serching for an invoice from the CC company or bank book for a copy of a payment.
    Apologies are garbage, they need a clear message SENT BACK TO THEM and to be hit hard in the pocket book!
    Send them packing up and leave Canada!
    Terrorism, dictatorships and communisium are against the law here and not our way of life in Canada If everyone agrees to file lawsuits on the same day
    against the 407, the courts system will notice!!!
    If life were that easy eh people?

  5. Marc Lee says:

    What can I do then?
    I live in Ottawa and by chance drove to Toronto in June.
    Then I got the bill for $41.68 for a total distance of 30 kilometers, that are 5 short trips on it, before I even noticed that it is not a public fee-free highway.
    They even charge $3.55 on each bill saying it’s an account fee.
    And they used camera to catch my plate so I have to pay $8.00 for “Video toll Charges” in each bill.

    Fuck, they are robbing people!
    Especially people like me totally have no idea before we drive on it and charged.


  6. Dave says:

    So I drove on the ETR in September of 2015 from the Don Valley entrance and traveled west to the 401. I was running late and figured I really need to make up time. The bill was about $20. I totally forgot to pay the bill and went to renew my plates at a Service Ontario location. I had to pay a little over $80 for that mistake.

    So three months go by and I get a call stating my account is now in collections and is now $180. I told them I paid the bill at the MTO. The guy says I couldn’t have. After a few minutes of arguing he tells me he knows what happened. The ERT407 does not update the ministry often enough. So when paying the amount with the MTO to get out of plate denial there there was a balance remaining.

    Considering it had been only months this is ridiculous. I can only assume that the big balance is due to them charging an enforcement fee of $20 on more than one occasion as well as multiple collection fees ($15) plus interest.

    I just had to replace my plate due to delamination and it was in plate denial again. I had to pay $60 this time.

    Something doesn’t add up. I will have to call them to clear up any remaining balance. Big lesson is to not go off what the ministry has in their system.

    • Tammy Flores says:

      There are huge problems with their billing system and nobody seems to care. If you have not driven on the highway anymore, the amount should be what they claim through MTO, however, their system catches you up because they just keep getting paid. I am sorry you are experiencing this. I would call them and record the conversation. It is absolutely ridiculous.

  7. jerry borins says:

    I have been billed over $4,700.00 and it took A1 credit to find me…in November 2015. They believe I am still wealthy. I have lost all my assets and my wife.

    I have been lied to, mislead, pushed to my limit in so many ways and they had billed me almost 20 years go and can`t even show me photos of cars that were carrying these plates. I have not driven since 2008 when I retired and got ill.

    There is much more detail to tell you. They have passed the buck and haven`t kept it hidden very well. They now because I found out that a 407 employee that wrote about finding my plates, has suddenly gone missing…MIA. They know I write and my notes are fairly complete. They also ARE AWARE I OWNED THE wheat sheaf tavern
    1969-95. The first account manager was a customer of mine…so he said… and I felt like being more subdued in this whole matter.

    Now they have the nerve to lower the balance to $450.00 and not addressed any of their mistruths,

    Also they know I have Parkinson`s disease and my twin sons have CP. They don`t know I am on a fixed income.

    They won`t even check back to very recent conversations that were recorded to help me.

    Please work with me on this. I understand there are others like me.

    HELP. They have given me till Friday to pay the $450.00 in one lump sum. I pleaded that I will even (on the advice of Paul Copeland) pay it BUT only at $50.00/month.
    A strong, quick NO was the answer.


    PLEASE< WHERE may I start?

  8. Marvin Grenstein says:

    I just finished paying off the 407 over $28,0000 from bills owing back from the 90’s. I was subpoenaed in 2013 but my landlord signed it and never gave it to me (We weren’t getting along) and the court continued without my presence of course(because I never knew about it) and was fined the full amount they sued me for which was 60,000 and my paycheck ended up being garnished $800/month. That screwed my life up to say the least. I had to move homes and change my life style completely! It was a hubling experience. I just completed paying just around $28,000 when my work got a letter from an attorney to stop the garnishing on March 22nd(My Birthday). Not sure if that wa a coincidense or not but it was a great birthday gift to say the least. So my question is how does that “ignoring the Limitations Act, law apply here where they can’t go back more than 2 years or something?

  9. TJ says:

    you should have petitioned the court to set aside the judgment because you did not receive the notice.
    Then you could have done away with anything more then 2 years old assuming you do not use a transponder.
    To late now you already got suckered.

    • Tammy Flores says:

      We are still waiting on the Supreme Court’s decision on whether or not they will grant leave on the Limitations issue. We are hopeful they will. The submissions before the Supreme Court has a National impact as more of these financing agreements are being proposed all across Canada. It’s not over yet.

  10. Denise Porter says:

    I received my letter of notification I was in plate denial on Feb 14, 2010. This occurred after numerous attempts to come to a mutual agreement with the 407ETR regarding a $900 bill that accumulated from interest by using a co workers transponder in my car under the assumption our car pooling costs would be split. I became disabled unable to work the bill continued to climb to over 10k on purely interest. I shared with my 407 contact Marion Richardson that I would need to declare bankruptcy as I had no viable options left and she told me it would not matter as the 407ETR will still continue to charge interest and keep me in plate denial.Bill collectors were calling 5x per day from the 407ETR. I exhausted every avenue with the 407ETR and contacting MP and MPP’s with no help. Finally, over six years I had no option but to claim bankrupt as I was unable to gain any employment without a car and my 407 bill rediculous. It is now April 2017 and I have just provided my discharge papers to the 407ETR and they have advised it will take 10 business days to notify me and the Ministry of Transportation to get my plates back. I would of liked to have come to a mutual agreement seven years ago but dealing with the 407ETR has been a nightmare and I will never drive on that road again.

    • Tammy Flores says:

      My wheels have not been on that highway since 2009 or 2010? They just can’t be relied on to bill their customers correctly. They make too many mistakes and it leaves you vulnerable. So much has to happen to regulate companies like 407 ETR to protect consumers from being gouged.

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