How I came to want to crusade against the 407

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My name is Tammy Flores. I am a single mother of 3 children here in Ontario. I separated from my husband in the year 2000 and in our settlement, took ownership of our Mazda MPV with it’s plates. I tried to get a transponder from that time, but was unsuccessful until the end of 2002. The 407 refused to give me a transponder without my banking information. Of course I wouldn’t give them it, but finally, after many phone calls and letters, in 2002 I got a transponder. I used my plate, ect… You would think a big Yeah!!! would be in order. NOT!!!

In the beginning of 2005 I complained because I got non transponder charges on my account. What unfolded afterwards is 5 years of absolute insanity!!!

The 407 ETR decides to send me a bill for over $1,000.00. I lost it! Of course I got on the phone and then I discovered the account # was different than mine. I thought they must of made a mistake. After a lot of time on the phone, I discovered that they took my ex-husband’s account and gave it to me! WHAT???? I don’t think that is legal.

After a lot of back and forth and their garbled way of trying to make a case I got it down to about $9.00, but in the end, they agreed I didn’t owe them anything. I thought everything was over with.

2006 I go to renew my sticker and the nightmare continues. The bill was back to over $1,000.00. I never received any bills or notifications, but I was in plate denial. We went through the motions again, but this time, they dug their heels in and said I had to pay over $400.00, but never sent me the requested documentation to back up their claim. What they did was took my ex-husband’s name off the invoices they previously sent to him and reprinted them with my name on them from August 2002-2005. The very first bill they sent me had an outstanding amount of about $165.00. First I tried to say fine take the $400 subtract the $165 and let’s call it a day because I was getting so frustrated with it. I just wanted the nightmare over with. But they wouldn’t do that. So I said fine then. If because I owned the plate I own the bill then send me all the bills from the year 2000 because I have the right to know what went on and if I was responsible for the charges… and you billed interest or any late fees you need to credit the account because this was your fault not mine. You were billing the wrong person. They refused to send me any of the requested documentation and went a step futher and put some wonky charges on my account from my ex’s account so now they were tieing the both accounts together and totally confused the whole situation even more. To date I still don’t have an explaination even though I constantly questioned them. They sent me letters, but nothing explained anything!

I got the Ministry of Transportation involved and managed to get the plate denial lifted and on the advice of the Ministry of Transportation, I switched my license plate. At this point I am beyond frustrated and in disbelief that the 407 is allowed to abuse their power in this manner and the Ministry of Transportation appeared helpless. I questioned, ” So the 407 can just say you owe something, without the burden of proof and then you are penalized without having done anything wrong?” No one answered that.

Anyway, based on the information I was getting from the Ministry of Transportation, I thought my nightmare was over because I changed my plate. WRONG!!!

Summer of 2009 I went to register a trailer and low and behold. I was in plate denial again for over $1,000.00. I went to bat with them again and continued up to this day requesting documentation and they still refuse to give me any documentation or a reason for their gross abuse of power.

I have let a news reporter in (who also can’t believe the 407’s gross abuse of power), I have let my MPP’s office know, a law firm and of course the ombudsman to the 407 (which BTW is simply the collection arm of the 407 because they don’t investigate your claim, they just tell you what the 407 already said).

I have since changed my vehicle into someone elses name to get a sticker so I can drive, but I am not letting this one go because not only have they not proved I owe them a damn thing, but now the account I had from 2002… I never received a bill for that since 2006 and because I sent them another letter requesting information… they decided to sent me a $550.00… just like that. Out of the air with no documentation on what the bill is for. What the hell is this? Since when is this allowed in Canada.

The Ministry of Transportation has a responsibility to fix this problem. They are the 407 ETR’s landlords and as such they have a responsibility to hold them accountable for what they are doing to the public. The Ministry of Transportation can no longer play helpless. They must step up to the plate and fix this mess they caused.

The improper billing of the 407 is a public issue because each and every one of us that has ever driven on the 407 can potentially face the same gross injustice. I am looking for an army of people to go to the 407’s offices with me to demand proper documentation. Who’s with me?

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5 Responses to “How I came to want to crusade against the 407”

  1. Pierre Michon says:

    I have a theory that the 407 etr already knows and dosen’t care to address its a serious problem.I know why there is an epidemic of complaints to police in regards to plate denial and transponders today.All stories are the same the 407 ‘s ironclad act98 (FCK U PAY US act98)I can’t prove anything about my aligations towards a certain individual, that had a group of people trained to go into the 407 office and fill out an application for transponder leases with stolen ID from sales contracts and personal information on credit contracts.All you really need is a plate number and address and phone # and you had a tranponder in your hand in 10 minutes or less.The transponders alledgedly hit the streets as a free 6 mth promo.being represented as the 407 toll rd. targeting a young uneducated consumers in parking lots and recreation centres.
    Sales must have been good judjing from the fallout we are dealing with now in epidemic porportions.

  2. Nate says:

    The problem is the gov. and the courts. The question to the Supreme court needed to be weather the Gov. had the power to give the 407 the rights they have in the contract with the consortium. They obviously didn’t as there is so much in the contract that is not legal. The government failed to win because they failed to ask the court the right question. When they realized this they should have withdrew the request from the courts but the idiot lawyers they had let it go through even though they knew they made a mistake. They need to go back to the court and ask the right question and fire the idiot lawyers they have and hire competent lawyers.

    • Tammy Flores says:

      I agree with going back to court and asking the right questions. As a matter of fact, I brought it up at our most recent meeting at MTO on Febrary 9th, 2012. We are still waiting on MTO’s comments from our meeting. I will keep the public informed on what’s happening.

  3. Dorothy says:

    I had given my daughter a car. changed everything legally. She used the 407 and her work was to pay for it. It took me a year of complete horror to dealing with this. I called the 407 and got promised the work and they did NOTHING! Bills kept coming with interest high interest. So after 7 months of dealing with this on my own. I got tottally irriated and called my MP’s office. The girl there was great she has had a lot of dealing with the 407 constant problems. I had to add her name on to my acc’t to get her to help me. We dealt with the Ombudsman. Completely useless. She never even called me back! 3 months later and my MP’s office is now frustrated. With the help of my MP’s office and 5 months later it got resolved. I am older and my blood pressure would skyrocket just dealing with them. I cannot handle it. What kind of government do we have that would allow a foreign company to treat our own citzens in such a deplorable way?

    • Tammy Flores says:

      My MPP wrote a letter, but resolved nothing. They like to tell you there is nothing they can do, but they can. It takes the will power for them to enforce clauses that benefit us. My blood continues to boil over this.

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