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I should have posted this long before now. As many of you are aware, the 407 ETR practices Invoice Suppression. As a result, some of us have ended up with a bill, years later for a ridiculous amount of money. One of the biggest frustrations when dealing with the 407 ETR is their lack of documentation that proves their position. For example, what were the original charges? How did they occur? The 407 ETR does not reveal that, nor do they make any submissions that prove lawful charges against someone, to the Ministry of Transportation prior to putting someone in Plate Denial.

Until this is properly addressed by the Province, the only thing we can do is request invoices from the 407 ETR from the inception of the account and their communication logs and then try to piece together a very convoluted picture of what lawful charges there may have been. It’s a huge challenge to get the 407 ETR to acknowledge any reasonable settlement because they believe their agreement with the Province allows them to ignore the Statute of Limitations and claim interest for up to 15 years.

Our suggestions if you have just received a bill out of thin air, for a ridiculous amount of money, with no details whatsoever or documentation behind the amount is to do the following:

#1. Please make a formal complaint to your local MPP, in writing. For now (until Oct. 6th some of these may change) this is where you can find all MPP’s contact information

#2. Put a formal complaint, in writing to The Ministry of Transportation’s Strategic Hiway Management Office at 1201 Wilson Avenue, Downsview, Ontario, M3M 1J8. In the re: line tag with the account number the 407 ETR provides you with. And demand action. Do not let them brush you off. Give them permission to access your information with the 407 ETR through the Freedom of Information and Privacy Commission.

#3 First you have to go through the 407 ETR’s process which can be found here While going through this process you will feel like it is a bureaucratic stall tactic meant to confuse the masses. Please message us and we will try to assist you through the process. The documentation you receive will help down the road.

#4. If the 407 ETR does not provide you with the documentation you request, please write the Privacy Commissioner for the 407 ETR to compel the documentation. Everything for the ETR is under the same roof at 6300 Steeles Avenue West, Woodbridge, Ontario, L4H 1J1, but this request will be to the attention of Vice President, Mr. R. Luyk-Privacy Officer. Please note in your letter that you are requesting the documentation under the Federal Legislation, Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. They take their time to fully disclose. I put my request in on June 1st, 2010 and I received the last batch of invoices March 2011 and I am still waiting on a letter.

#5 After you make the formal complaint to The Ministry of Transportation, demand the documentation that shows what action they took. For example call logs, ect… they won’t give you anything other than what you provided them, but given that you gave them permission to look into this under the Freedom of Information and Privacy Commission, you can request their internal communications with the 407 ETR under the same Federal Legislation, The Prersonal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. I put my request in May 31st, 2010 and I am still waiting on it. The Ministry of Transportation claimed to have investigated my case for at least 16 months and still has not provided a call log or any communications they had with the 407 ETR.  Just keep writing them demanding the information.

Yes folks, this is a bureaucratic nightmare, but in order to have something to take to court, you have to endure the torture. But on a positive note, you will have ammo to help right a wrong in this Province.

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