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This was sent to me by one of our group members. Please pass this fictional letter around.

This is a letter that you could receive from 407ETR:

You owe us $561.15 and failure to pay immediately will result in additional charges in administration fees and outrageous interest rates…. So pay up! How did you incur this debt and why are we permitted to collect it? First, we have the right to collect because current Ontario laws give us the right to do so. We don’t have to provide you with any details regarding precisely when and how this debt was incurred but our records show that we sent you a notification in 1997 and again in 2001. You say that this is the first you’ve heard of this? HA! We’ve heard that before. ITS IN OUR RECORDS AND NO, YOU CAN’T HAVE A LOOK AT THEM!! We can just see your face now… your reaction is “these people are nuts and I’m not paying!”. Well, we’ve got news for you… We have a deal with the DOT and, if you don’t pay we just let them know and they will refuse to renew your drivers’ license. We can just hear you saying, “How can a private company get permission to deny a government issued document?” Well, buster, we’ve got it and unless you don’t want to drive, pay up. What? You need your car to get to work; to make a living? TOUGH!! We’ve already run up against hundreds like you who think that they can get away with not paying but when they get a notice that they won’t be able to drive, they quit wondering how and when they incurred the debt and they just pay up so that they can keep getting to work. So get over it… just pay up and shut up.

Love and best wishes. 407ETR

Of course they will probably use better wording, but people should know that this is the sweetheart deal that our government has given the ETR. Could it be applied to other agencies in the future? ASK YOUR MPP about this during the current election campaign.

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