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Let’s reign in 407ETR once and for all!  Please sign and share this petition


I have no problem with foreign investment and most people have no issues with a company making money, but when it comes to a foreign company bragging about it’s success in the Canadian market when that success is at the expense of the Canadian public, it is time to hold accountable our elected officials to do the job we put them there to do.


Do Canadians want debtors prison? Grievances against 407ETR include invoice suppression, keeping bankrupts in plate denial, ignoring the Statute of Limitations, improper billing, double billing, equipment failure, paying the bill and not getting credited, usury rates of interest, ect… Unsuspecting citizens receive a bill for undocumented amounts of money. In some cases the amounts are for thousands and thousands of dollars and has caused undue hardship to many.


Because our government feels this company’s success is vital to important public policy, it has given this company unique powers to deny a person’s plate for renewal if the company says the person owes them money. The company does not have to provide any proof that this money is owed. It merely has to make the claim and the Ministry of Transportation blindly honors the request not to renew a person’s plate.  Once you are in “plate denial” there is no way out even if the company had no business putting you there to begin with. This company is abusing/exploiting those provisions and must be reigned in!


Both the Ministry of Transportation & the Ministry of Consumer Services, pass the buck to each other regarding jurisdiction of who should handle 407ETR issues. MCS says MTO is the regulatory body & so it is inappropriate for them to intervene and MTO says our concerns are regarding consumer’s rights and so say MSC should handle it. We want our government to change the 407Act so it complies with other important public policy issues that are being ignored.  No more double talk!


Bankruptcy, Statute of Limitations and Consumer Protection laws are woven into the fabric of our society and are uniquely Canadian. Do we want to allow a foreign interest destroy what we cherish as being uniquely Canadian? Canadians are proud of being an inclusive society that believes in  being fair and any leanings towards debtors prison and destroying Canadian values that we cherish is something we adamantly oppose. Please help us hold our elected officials accountable and tell them we want the 407Act changed. Sign & share this petition and let’s make a difference!


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