Who Is Looking Over the Shoulder of 407ETR?‏

Who is looking over the shoulder of 407ETR?  The most direct answer is NOBODY!  The 407ETR seems to be an island on their own, with the power to withhold peoples vehicle registrations, a government provision … with absolutely no oversight.
In my last article we revealed how the Ministry of Transportation gives out misinformation on how Plate Denial is applied.  The fact that a request for Plate Denial comes from 407ETR directly and not the Default Fine Control Centre is very telling.
I have heard people liken outstanding 407 tolls to fines. They are not fines.  Even Kevin Sack, 407ETR’s VP of Communications, will tell you they are in the business of collecting tolls, not interest and fees.  He will never tell you that they impose a fine on people. NEVER!!!
A fine is a penalty a “superior authority”, such as a government agency, imposes on someone as a form of punishment or to deter a crime or offense.
I can understand how some would feel that 407ETR should be in a position to deter people from toll evasion.  I agree with that.  That is why they have the heavy penalty of denying someone their vehicle registration until tolls are paid.  So what’s with the heavy interest and fees that are often hidden from people for years?  Opportunism at it’s finest in my opinion.
Despite provisions in the 407Act to be able to dispute bills independently of the company and the famous court decision in 2006 saying disputes should be independent of the company, the company calls all the shots.  No decision is made without 407ETR’s influence.  The Province likes to point to that court decision and say “we have no choice, we have to honor 407’s request for Plate Denial”, why can’t they say “we have no choice, we have to allow the people an independent dispute process”?
It appears the Ministry of Transportation has dropped the ball and has allowed 407ETR call all the shots.  Not only does 407ETR have an internal dispute process they push people through, which is very bias and for the most part, does not acknowledges mistakes the company makes, but even how the company reports to the Ministry of Transportation is completely without any independent scrutiny.
The biggest complaint consumers have is that they never received a bill indicating tolls occurred and when they did receive a bill, there was no information on what the actual tolls were.  Just a number on a bill claiming that they owed the company money. The company does not provide customers with documentation that would indicate what the actual tolls are and they don’t provide the information to the Ministry of Transportation either.  How can the Ministry of Transportation justify blindly honoring requests for payment from 407ETR, without an independent process?  The Ministry of Transportation shouldn’t be allowed to do this, but unless you start speaking up, the 407ETR will continue to get away with “Highway Robbery”.
Nobody is looking over the shoulder of 407ETR and you know what they say… absolute power corrupts absolutely.
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