407 ETR Appeal to Supreme Court – Intervener’s Application for Leave Dismissed

We have  been anxiously awaiting to hear whether or not the Supreme Court of Canada will hear 407 ETR’s Appeal on how they have been handling bankrupts.  We have one decision so far.  The Supreme Court of Canada has dismissed the Intervener’s Application for Leave.

407 ETR wants to keep the issue about just one case.  The case they had with Matthew Moore whereby the company gave him a handsome settlement to buy his silence. Both the Intervener’s and the Superintendent of Bankruptcy has fought valiantly to make it about everyone that this company affects with their shady practice of ignoring the Bankruptcy Insolvency Act to collect monies that I have always said, in many circumstances, are questionable.  Although the Superintendent of Bankruptcy and the Intervener’s haven’t made their cases about that, it’s still an outstanding issue and reading through the submissions on how this company was granted a Stay speaks volumes of how this company has no regard for the public they are supposed to service with their product.

This ruling by the Supreme Court on Intervener Status reveals one of two things.  Either they are going to do the right thing and make this company bring about the changes to their billing system that will avoid the problems we have had with them or they are siding with this company and making it about just the one case and not about how many people this company has affected by ignoring the Bankruptcy Insolvency Act.  No matter how you slice it, it really only boils down to those 2 conclusions.

If it is the first conclusion, we will celebrate the fairness of the court and it’s ability to be the voice of the vulnerable, but if the conclusion is the later… we have to seriously ask ourselves how our compass lead us so far off course.

This company is not vulnerable by any means.  They have been given so much power and they are abusing it.  They wield that power over us with impunity.  Up to this point they have had absolutely no consequences for their behavior.  Any “harm” this company may suffer as a result of a ruling in favor of bankrupts is self harm.  This company had plenty of opportunity to follow the same rules as any other company in Canada.  They arrogantly refused to do so and caused so much harm to the public in the process.  Not just the few that have had the misfortune of being marginalized due to bankruptcy, but causing the public to be apathetic towards social issues.  We used to be proud about how Canadians took care of it’s people that have fallen on hard times.

If the Supreme Court rules in favor of this company it will be a mistake that we will never recover from.

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