407 ETR Denies Widespread Billing Mistakes

There has been a lot of action in the main stream media the past few days regarding issues with 407 ETR’s billing practices.


CTV’s Broadcast Journalist, Ashley Rowe did an expose of the struggles truckers have had when the company, 407 ETR, has made mistakes and double billed them for tolls their rigs had transponders in, but then the same charges went against the plate on their trailers. It was revealed that this has been happening for years and 407 ETR doesn’t make it easy for these truckers to deal with the problem.


Kevin Sack, 407 ETR’s VP of Communications and Government Relations, insists that mistakes like this by the company are rare, but according to the group, “Stop the 407 ETR’s Abuse of Power” these mistakes are not as rare as Mr. Sack wants you to believe.


The group has been pointing out for years that the company makes mistakes with consumers, on a regular basis, that they refuse to rectify. As a matter of fact, in 2012 the group gathered a few members and went in to speak to Mr. Sack, at 407 ETR’s offices, with the Toronto Star’s Fixer, Jack Lakey. The group made sure everyone had their files ready for someone to assist them with their outrageous bills, riddled with mistakes by the company but Mr. Sack refused to assist them and used a very flimsy excuse to justify his actions. Mr. Sack wanted the members of the group to sign a disclosure agreement. The group refused to sign because they didn’t want to give the company the power to control the message and so Mr. Sack refused to assist them with their billing nightmare and sent the group away without a resolution. Now he is on CTV claiming the company wants to help and pleads with people to call in. Why didn’t Kevin Sack deal with their mistakes in 2012?


Ashley Rowe’s report reveals why the company won’t deal with their mistakes when she touched on a non-disclosure agreement from one trucking company that was forced into silence to get a deal. The company wants to hide their glaring mistakes and control the message. The group, “Stop the 407 ETR’s Abuse of Power” refuses to allow the company to control the message and so that’s why the company has refused to deal with their mistakes.


The group goes on to say that not only does the company want to control the message, but they will withhold documentation from consumers that would prove mistakes were made and then use their powerful debt collection remedy, Plate Denial, to paint the consumer as a toll evader when the company caused the outrageous bill to begin with.


The group is hopeful that once they launch the second Class Action against 407 ETR, the main stream media will continue to hold their feet to the fire with respects to how they have treated consumers since they took over the operations of the highway in 1999.

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11 Responses to “407 ETR Denies Widespread Billing Mistakes”

  1. Pat Ward says:

    I received a notice from a collection agency saying I owed a $1,000.00 from 2003. I said I wanted documentation to show where I owed this money but they would not provide it. They told me I could make a settlement but I refused without seeing the documentation first. What do I do now?

  2. TJ says:

    Since this is from 2003 when the SOL was 6 years it has long expired. They can no longer use the courts to collect and win however your plate will remain in denial until you pay the toll.

  3. William Adamson says:

    Do you have an email address for 407etr?

  4. Leslie M. Bliman-Kuretzky says:

    I am getting hounded by Christiansen Law Firm for a VERY overdue balance that was last used in 2006.

    Apparently with interest, they are claiming it is close to $90,000.00

    I kid you not. What I want to know is HOW THE HECK can it be that high?

    Last time I used the highway was in 2006 and never received bills after this date and then I get letters from Christiansen Law firm and now pre-recorded calls from am Christine there. :/

    • KR says:

      I can offer advice on dealing with this sleezy Law/collection agency.

      First off, RECORD every time they call. Take phots of all the missed calls showing dates on your call display, Do not answer, Call them back and followi their procedures etc. Then ask for their collection registration number, they will refuse. They will claim the are a law firm. BS.

      Demand copies of all bills and a the transponder agreement (if you signed one) You wont get it!

      Wait an appropriate time period, then send a registered letter to them.

      1. Advice them they can only correspond with you via mail. (DO NOT Give them an email address)

      Then wait.

      If the contact you again, have you file ready. State the dates and times you called them. State when the letter was sent. State you requested documentation which they will not provide.

      Then send all of this to the Ombudsman! And demand they close your file due to SOL!

      You must record everything, document everything! You can also sue them for harassment if they continue to call you after they received the letter.

      These guys use illegal tactics trying to collect money they know they cannot collect.

      • Tammy Flores says:

        It’s beyond annoying. I appreciate your advice. I think we are on track to fix the issue once and for all 🙂

  5. afzal alidina says:

    I have been charged toll fees approx 1000.00 and I have a transponder. They cancelled my transponder and advised they sent me a letter stating this.
    I have NEVER received this letter and its not even uploaded to my online 407 account.
    I asked why it was not registered mailed or uploaded on my 407 account and they advised the government does not require 407 to upload transponder cancellation letters to customers online account. HOW CONVENIENT FOR THE 407
    I have been trying to resolve this since November 2014 while interest is accruing and nobody at the 407 will help except one agent but he has no power. I have been transferred from customer service, to office of the president and ombudsman adviser refused my formal request to speak to ombudsman or have an ombudsman look at my case in an impartial matter.
    407 sent me to collections with Harrison and Pensa and then back to 407 when I complained about unethical practices with the collector. I am at my wits end. Can anybody please help or advise how to deal with these monsters thanks

  6. Denise says:

    Has anyone ever considered a sit in or rally at the 407 offices with media present to just express the rage we are all feeling with this abuse of power? If you do organize one count me in.

  7. D Murph says:

    I thought it was bad enough, when a law firm contacted me last fall,expecting almost $7 thousand dollars, all of it interest! of course, its been growing since 2004 the SOL, should be protecting us all and wiping the slate clean.
    So whats the hold up??? Government of Ontario????
    The fact is, the 407 ETR should be enforced do comply to.
    Number 1, bite the bullet, so to speak and thats putting it nicely.
    Reverse all the so called fines from the MTO plate denial scam off the records immediately.
    I phone a credit collection company and demanded to know why the file was not purged completely from the system and told them that a lawyer would be calling them, they hung up on me! LOL
    The MTO should not be forced into collecting a dime for the 407 etr.
    The SOL Law Must be upheld here in Ontario Canada

  8. TJ says:

    Wiping the slate clean is not what the SOL is for.

    All it does by law is prevent a creditor, be it 407 or anyone else from using the courts to enforce the debt.
    The debt still remains forever even if the SOL has passed.

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