407 ETR Oversight Finagling

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This article can be found in the Toronto Caribean on page 15.  You can down load the paper from here http://caribflyer.com/carib/

As you know, in the last article we wondered if because the legal opinion from the City of Oshawa was that the 407 ETR exercises their powers by way of an agreement with the Minister of Privatization and that Minister no longer existed, would that mean neither does the 407 ETR powers?

Lou Politano, Regional Director for the Ministry of Transportation said, “The cabinet position of ‘Minister without Portfolio with Responsibility for Privatization’ was created in 1996 by the provincial government as a short-term initiative. The responsibility of administering the 407 Act was transferred under an Order in Council from the above-noted Minister to the Minister of Transportation in 1999. The position of Minister without Portfolio with Responsibility for Privatization has not existed for many years.”
We pushed for clarification and asked Mr. Politano again that if the legal opinion is that the 407’s powers are attached to the Privatization Minister and he doesn’t exist I would say that neither do the powers of the 407. No?  Mr. Politano answered, “No.  407’s statutory rights and obligations are independent of those of the minister charged with administering the Act.  The statutory powers of a minister may be transferred to another minister, as was the case I described… however, this does not affect the statutory rights and obligations of 407.”
The more I dig into this issue, the more I come to realize how hidden from the public a lot of this finagling seems to be.  I hope my articles shed some light on how deals are made within government so that people will take an interest and speak up when they feel a decision is being made that will affect them adversely.
On another note, Infrastructure Ontario announced the qualified bidders for Highway 407’s east extension.  Of course the 407 ETR consortium were short listed to participate in the RFP process.  Although our letters to the Province concern the operations of this extension, we feel awarding the 407 ETR consortium anything to do with this extension is rewarding bad behavior.  They must first make some concessions to the current 108 KM’s they operate before the Province even thinks of awarding them the project to build.  Please write your MPP’s and tell them that.  We have so much good news to tell you all in our next article.  Stay tuned.
We want to know the social/economic impact driving on this highway has had on you. Please write to Stop the 407 ETR’s Abuse of Power, 75 Bayly Street, PO Box 14524, Ajax, Ontario, L1S 7K7 or email us at 407AbuseofPower@hotmail.ca . You can also find us at www.407etr-abuseofpower.com . If you would like to keep up to date with what’s happening on a daily basis, please join our Facebook group “Stop the 407 ETR’s Abuse of Power” or you can follow us on Twitter @407AbuseofPower.

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