Concerned Citizens Fight to Curb the Powers the 407 ETR Has to Deny a Plate

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Stop the 407 ETR’s Abuse of Power is a group of concerned citizens that are focused on shedding some light on the issues that exist with the private/public/partnership (better known as P3’s) between the Ministry of Transportation and the 407 ETR.  We started off as a Facebook group to give all those in the Greater Toronto Area, that has ever had an issue with the current operators of Highway 407, a voice.  Part of the issue here is that P3’s are relatively new.  Canada started to look at them in the 1990’s as a way to fund large infrastructure projects.  The 407 ETR is a bi-product of its introduction to Canada.  A very convoluted Act (The 407 Act) was set up as a way of governing it.  The interpretation of this Act so far has proven that it is not balanced and completely ignores all the other laws and principles that govern business in Canada and more specifically, Ontario and is in need of amendment to better reflect Consumers rights.

However, Ontario’s Registrar of Motor Vehicles is an independent, quasi-judicial provincial official (which means they have powers resembling those of a court of law or judge and is able to remedy a situation or impose legal penalties on a person or organization). It is up to them to decide if the 407 ETR’s customer service, systems, and technology are accurate, and meet all aspects of the Highway 407 Act.  The 407 Act must be amended to reflect what we have come to expect when dealing with Consumer issues here in Canada.  The Province has a responsibility to level the playing field by either suasion or legislation so that when Consumers have an issue with this private corporation our hands are not tied by way of Plate Denial and forced to pay an amount of money that is unjust, unfair and in some cases, boarder line of being criminal, in my opinion. Kevin Sack, VP of Communications and Government Relations for the 407 ETR, has been told that the company he works for has a responsibility to the public. Sure they provide jobs and a service people use, but companies can’t always be about the bottom line. There is a social impact they must consider. The 407 ETR has been charitable to York University and Sick Kids but, there is more to being charitable than the amount of money they give to chosen causes.  In my opinion, being charitable as a corporation (you know the whole giving back to your community) has more to do with how they are listening to the public and how they get involved in the communities they serve.  They have a responsibility to be forthright, honest and transparent. From my experience, and many others in the group of people that have very valid grievances against this company, the 407 ETR has not been forthright, honest or transparent.  They have been evasive, secretive, devious and they cloud the picture of what’s happening and spin the message they want people to hear. For the most part, it would appear the media and politicians are afraid of burning bridges. We hope to change that by way of an awareness campaign.  I believe that the public deserves to know the truth about what has happened to this very valuable piece of public infrastructure.  The Province has the responsibility to listen to what we want for this highway.  We need to come out of hiding and knock on doors until one opens that will fix the problems this company has caused. I am confident that eventually we will find that door and although this company thinks it’s on the higher level, we will bring them down to our level… face to face.
We are tired of the run around and have been actively Lobbying politicians, on all levels of government, to curb the powers of Plate Denial.  We are doing our part to hold this private corporation accountable and we need your help.  We are asking people to please write to their MPP’s to help raise awareness to the issues and to please write in to us and tell us your stories, good or bad.  We want to know the social/economic impact driving on this highway has had on you.  Please write to Stop the 407 ETR’s Abuse of Power at .  You can also find us at .  If you would like to keep up to date with what’s happening on a daily basis, please join our Facebook group “Stop the 407 ETR’s Abuse of Power” or you can follow us on Twitter @407AbuseofPower.

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