Dalton trying to save his own ASS because it’s an ELECTION YEAR!!!

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Well needless to say after reading the new article that was just posted, I am more than PISSED!

For almost 2 months we have been directing comments directly towards Dalton McGuinty on Twitter and no response (even though on his account he states he responds to every message, which has since been removed). We have recently created a online petition and it sends a direct message to him as well and he has yet to respond to that either.

It’s quite obvious that the cries from the public to the one that we all voted best fit to run our province could really care less about ongoing issues and cries for help… isn’t that really his job? Didn’t he win majority because he was the one that stated he works for the people and will make Ontario a great place to live?

In this article it states that this October is an election year for him and for all of us here fighting against the 407 ETR, we thought this would work in our favor but it’s clear that it would look way better if he brought down the 18.7 Billion dollar deficit by an instant Billion dollars…. that would get him more votes right??? He states it would bring a Billion dollars back to the “Ontario Residents” – hmmmm how much of that money was created by smashing some of the Ontario residents with tens of thousands of dollars in high interest rates??? Isn’t this the same company he was trying to fight and lost in 2006? And now he is interested in accepting 1 Billion dollars?

In another article (407 ETR – The modern day Sopranos) it referred to the 407 ETR shadowing a mafia style profile…. well I can honestly say this really tops the whole thing off and made that article so much more validated!

I would call this a BRIBE a fat 1 Billion Dollar bribe….

So….. who’s voting for Dalton this October?

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9 Responses to “Dalton trying to save his own ASS because it’s an ELECTION YEAR!!!”

  1. Tammy Flores says:

    Great points! Here’s something to keep in the fore front for all those that should be serving the public interests.

    Way back in 2004 McGuinty came on strong. It was all played up as if they cared about us, the citizens of the Province of Ontario, being gouged by this private cooperation that is serving a public interest. Transportation Minister Harinder Takhar ordered an investigative review of consumer complaints against the operator of Highway 407, it was done because there are provisions to renegotiate the concessions contract.

    To quote MPP Mike Colle, “…to have received so many critical comments from consumers of a publicly offered service was troubling. It is simply not acceptable in this Province that so many consumers were dissatisfied with the manner in which the operator of a vital toll highway dealt with them.”

    What happened? The outcry is even worse. The government focused on tolls instead of the Customer Service they were supposed to focus on. Another panel is required ASAP. The government didn’t lose, they settled and is trying to leave us holding the bag. It’s time to make them carry their own luggage!

  2. Mike Kerr says:

    So basically if anyone has an extra billion dollars to spare I guess only then will he be interested in these issues

    What a flake! why do we even have anyone running our province?

  3. Brian says:

    WOW!!!! What type of leadership do we have for our province?

    All our governments seem to be falling apart!

  4. Vieve says:

    You have to direct letters directly to his office.

    The only way the government will listen is if you organize followers to refrain from using the highway for an extended time.

    The government is not going to waste their time on insignificant folks. They just want their citizens to play unfair fines and interests because the the city needs the cash!

    Hand signed petitions probably are more legit…

  5. Jeff says:

    Can’t believe this site! Don’t you people realize that if the Government still owned the 407, it would be a two lane road, jammed night and day! The only reason that the 407 works is that it is a private roadway, with private funding. One only has to look at the 401 in from Milton, the 403 up from the QEW to the 407, or the 404 north of the 401 to realize that the Government takes DECADES just to add one lane to a roadway, whereas the 407 can do it in a matter of months. take a look at the 407 north of the 403 as an example. it has been only one year for the entire stretch of roadway, including two major cloverleafs to be converted to an extra lane. The 407 works because it is private, and I for one thank GOD every time I use it.

    • Tammy Flores says:

      We have a negative response to our efforts to bring change for the people that are being ripped off by this highway. Let me educate you on how this highway was created. Once upon a time, about 60 years ago some very forward thinking people started to purchase the land for this beautiful highway. They did that because under the Planning Act… it’s the government’s responsibility to prepare for expected growth. They are accountable to everyone in the Province of Ontario (not just the affluent) to provide this public infrastructure. Here’s a lesson in business for you too. The 407 ETR will not expand this highway for the benefit of this Province unless it benefits their pockets. Just ask the residents of Thornhill that wanted an interchange. The 407 ETR refused to do it because they wouldn’t make any money from it. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE! These people are not the saviours of our infrastructure woes.

      • Grant B says:

        Great response Tammy, let me add…. Jeff a comment like this really proves your ignorance on the subject and you really need to get your head out of your ass and read the rest of the articles on the site including the published media articles of even popular columnist like The Fixer (Toronto Star) who are disgusted with the way the hwy operates bud.

        No one is complaining of the hwy’s functionality… EVERYONE is complaining of their billing issues.

        • Tammy Flores says:

          That’s right Grant… our gripe is about the problems that they have with how they bill people. Also how they think they are above all the other laws that were created that passionate people in this country have already fought and won.

          Like for example,the Statute of Limitations, the Consumer Protection Act, Federal Bankruptcy Laws, Criminal Laws for extortion… our Freedoms and Rights… and those are just a few off the top of my head that 407 ETR is just thumbing their nose at currently.

          BTW Jeff, the Province does still own this highway. The 407 ETR are merely tenants deserving of an eviction noticed because of the way they have treated the people in this Province.

          The 407 ETR is not taking on it’s fair share of VKT’s as it was design to do because the concept of raising tolls to lower the traffic volumes prevents that.

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