Deja vu: 7 lost lives in Walkerton. $1+ billion lost on Highway 407

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This article can be found in Wednesday, September 26th, 2012 Toronto Caribbean, on page 14.  It was written by Jodie Parmar.   Mr. Parmar, is a former Vice President, Corporate Development, Privatization Secretariat/Ontario and successfully led the $3.107 billion privatization of Highway 407

For the second time in my 25 year career, I find myself being ignored by the Government of Ontario after making an informed proposal to senior public officials. The only silver lining that I can think of this time around is that if the government of Dalton McGuinty continues to fail in heeding my advice, as did the previous Mike Harris government in regards to the water/wastewater industry in Ontario, it will only be a minimum of $1 billion lost to Ontarians rather than the lives of seven innocent Ontarians.

Almost one year prior to joining Ontario’s Privatization Secretariat in March 1998 as Vice President (assistant deputy minister equivalency), Corporate Development with lead responsibility for the privatization for Highway 407 ETR, I was an independent consultant working in association with Coopers & Lybrand. In that role, I undertook a study of the water/wastewater industry in Ontario. Based upon those findings, I conceived and developed a solution to address what appeared to me to be glaring deficiencies in the Ontario water/wastewater industry. Coopers & Lybrand then arranged for me to present my findings to senior officials in the government of Mike Harris in the spring of 1997.

As reported by The Globe and Mail’s John Ibbitson on December 20, 2000, “Had the Mike Harris government adopted a confidential report almost four years ago, there would be no Walkerton inquiry because seven people would not have died from contaminated water. To add irony to tragedy, the Ontario Tories are now actively considering a plan to solve the Walkerton mess that is virtually identical to the plan they rejected…In the spring of 1997, senior [prospective] advisers to the Ontario government presented a report to a committee of deputy ministers and political advisers that offered a troubling diagnosis of the state of Ontario’s waterworks. A copy of the report has been obtained by The Globe and Mail…”

In the case of Highway 407 ETR, my advice to Premier McGuinty is aided by the benefit of being, as described by Justice Drew Hudson in his July 10, 2004 Arbitration Decision, the “very senior employee of the Province who led and managed the process for privatization, the governing agreements, and the legislation” or as described by Robert Benzie of the Toronto Star, the “architect of the $3.1 billion privatization of Hwy. 407”.

I continue to await follow-up from Premier McGuinty’s Office on scheduling a meeting to “sit down and talk” about my proposal that would allow the transfer of a minimum of $1 billion of wealth from the shareholders of 407 ETR Concession Company Limited to Ontarians (McGuinty ‘all ears’ on 407 plan, Robert Benzie, Toronto Star, Wednesday, March 23, 2011, p. A2).  In up-coming columns, I will layout the options available to the government of Dalton McGuinty to reign in spiraling tolls and establish more appropriate customer service standards.

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  1. Dorothy says:

    Your petition only has 81 signatures…….because it is WAY too hard to find……please have it placed on every page in a clear format …..that will open the petition immediately.. even for people like me who do not have facebook or twitter or any of that kind of acc’ts …. I did not sign the petition because I could not find it!!

    I agree agree something has to be done with 407 …. I have witten my mpp and had nothing but problems with the…. and now my daughter is!

    thank you

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