Do you think you have a case for a lawsuit re: 407 ETR?

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If you think you have a legitimate claim against the 407 ETR, please contact us through our facebook page “Stop the 407 ETR’s Abuse of Power”

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14 Responses to “Do you think you have a case for a lawsuit re: 407 ETR?”

  1. Ann says:

    I understand that someone recently made a claim against the 407 etr and won. I am in the same boat… my bill was never received – I owed just over $100 and when my leasing company went to register my new vehicle a couple of years ago, I had to pay a 407etr bill of over $850.00…! Over $700 is “overdue fees.”
    Do you have information about how I could proceed with a claim?
    Thank you,


    • Tammy Flores says:

      Please look under “Know Your Rights” I just posted our suggestions on how to deal with these guys to compel documentation,ect…

    • Doug says:

      They have done the same to me but mine was $300 sinse 1999 and is now $ 3127.58. Please let me know how you made out and who to talk to. Thank you

  2. Michele says:

    Has anyone else encountered this issue or one similar?
    My SUV had outstanding 407 tolls…Thanksgiving 2010 my SUV went to the scrapyard. January 2011 I went to Service Ontario to get new plates for my new car and was told by M of T that I had to pay all outstanding 407 tolls in order to receive new plates – fully understandable – I paid and was issued a receipt by the M of T stating my outstanding 407 charges, as well as my 2 parking tickets were now paid in full. What a shock when I got a bill from the 407 showing I owe $122. WTF? I called the 407 and was told that the M of T only charged me the minimum amount so I could get my car on the road. I said to the girl…so basically you’re saying that M of T lied when they said all outstanding fines/tolls are paid and then issued me fraudulent documents to show I’d paid? Back and forth we went – was told that M of T does not have access to full amounts owed and are not authorized to tell me that I’d paid in full. Again I asked – so the M of T lied to me? No she says…20 minutes of this then I get put on hold – I assume she didn’t know what to say to me next. She came back and asked if I’d like to be trans. to Office of Pres….certainly would thanks! This guy who answered was THE MOST condescending jerk I’ve ever spoken with. Basically asked if he needed to repeat everything slowly so “I’d get it”.
    I was utterly shocked at this and hung up on him. How is it possible that I’m told I’ve paid in full by M of T but then told NOPE by the jerks at the 407?
    I don’t know what to do or who else to speak to regarding this – as far as I’m concerned, I’ve paid but I also do not want some nasty collections agency after me…any comments/suggestions?

  3. Therea Flint says:

    I have a huge dispute with the 407 ETR,, I have tried to settle it and each time I negociate a settlement through the Extreme Hardship Program the price keeps going up along with the interest. I am told my my lawyer to pay the bill and then sue, what sense does that make? My tags have been stopped and I am now in collection with their collection agancy. I am at my wits end. Can you help? Please respond.

    • Tammy Flores says:

      This is why we exist. The 407 ETR are abusing the power given to them by the Province. Please read “People to Write to” and the article about the Ombudsman and write and file complaints.

  4. peter marks says:

    try service ontario elaws information concerning a companys right to garnish sue lean or similarly harass a debtor or even charge a debtor long outstanding interest on any charge is limited to 6 yrs before 2004 and only two yrs after . that makes all attempts to contact you after this period illegal and consequently this harrassment is not a civil matter but then falls into the realm of criminal action.

  5. peter marks says:

    oh and by the way for all you downtrodden heres a simple way to thwart 407 open up a numbered company 150dollars take out a new plate on this company and voila fu 407

  6. peter marks says:

    oh did you know that the canada pension plan owns 49% of the 407etr is it any wonder why there isnt the political will to tackle them

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  8. I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Well written!

  9. Barb says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about 407 billing. Regards

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