Doing Time for 407 ETR’s Crime

As you can imagine, I have gotten many messages over the past few years with respects to my articles on 407 ETR.  Most are negative stories where the person is rehashing a billing nightmare this company is well known for. Lately, we have been hearing positive stories trickle in.  Could it be that the company is finally listening? Time will tell.

Brampton resident Larry Dupuis says that 407 ETR’s Ombudsman helped him clear up a billing nightmare. He says sometimes you have to go right to the top to get your issue resolved.
Chris Arthurs found this to be true. Sometimes you have to do the time on the phone to get results. Mr. Arthurs couldn’t understand why he was being charged a $20 enforcement fee when he hadn’t been on the highway for about 6 months.  He called into a 407 ETR’s customer service representative and had a good news story because the company recognized equipment malfunction was the blame for his bill. Not only did the company credit the amount, but they gave him free KM’s due to this error.  Mr. Arthurs makes the comment, “to think some people would just go ahead and pay this $20 fee for fear of collections, plate renewal denial, ect…”
We shouldn’t have to live in fear of this company and as consumers we should do our part in voicing our concerns when things go wrong. It’s like doing the time for 407 ETR’s crime, but we have no choice. While it is a hassle to deal with companies like 407 ETR, it can prove to be beneficial to complain. Next time you have a billing issue with 407 ETR complain and let us know how it went.  While it is great to hear more and more success stories, the company still seems to be inconsistent in how it is applying it’s “good graces”.
Is there light at the end of the tunnel in the billing nightmare 407 ETR has caused? Time will tell, until then we await the Supreme Court case in January 2015 to see how the courts will deal with the company ignoring consumer protection laws for bankrupts.

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  1. Mel says:

    I can’t find Ombudsman contact info. if anyone knows please provide. didn’t get anywhere with customer rep.

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