Efforts to reign in the 407ETR are working! Look out 407ETR, change is on its way!

Change the 407 Act supporters, this cause can really use your support right now. Please go to the Premier’s website and vote this policy idea up. If you have any positive suggestions, please post them there. This could go a long way to nipping this issue in the butt once and for all. Here’s the link http://commonground.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Change-the-407-Act!/13642-25935 Thank-you so much for sharing this and helping decision makers pay attention to this.


Change the 407Act!  Please sign & share the petition  http://www.change.org/petitions/premier-kathlynn-wynne-glen-murray-tracy-maccharles-change-the-407act

This article can be found in February 27th, 2013 issue of the Toronto Caribbean on page 17 here http://caribflyer.com/public_html/tc-editions/Toronto-Caribbean-Feb27-Web.pdf

Thank you for your support of this campaign. As of February 15th, 2013, the Ministry of Transportation finally revealed who the independent arbitrators are for 407ETR. They said “The dispute arbitration process is outlined in the highway’s governing legislation, the Highway 407 Act, 1998. In May of 2000 the Province and 407 ETR entered into an agreement with DRS and ADR Institute of Ontario to establish an arbitration process under the Act. Dispute arbitrator candidates are appointed from a list provided by DRS. Arbitrators are appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council through Order-InCouncil for a one year term. The current arbitrators, with a term expiring April 9, 2013, are Bruce Ranton Robinson B.A., J.D.; Jonathan H. Flanders, B.Sc., B.C.L., LL.B.; and Louie L. Reznick.”
They have known about this provision since the year 2000 however, since last year they were “assessing” why the public was not being informed. I have since asked what the problem was and I am waiting on how they will answer that, but in the meantime I would say that this is good news. Now we have to get the availability of these
independent arbitrators and a process to access them transparent.
Another positive note, The Ministry of Transportation’s exact words regarding customer issues was “the Act requires 407ETR to send specific times. In all other areas, it is the 407ETR’s responsibility to comply with relevant consumer laws.” This is the first time the Ministry has ever acknowledged that the 407ETR must comply with consumer laws. Maybe the pending Class Action against 407ETR is a contributing factor because I was the first to complain to the Ministry that the 407ETR was acting in court as if they had the Ministry’s approval on how to handle bankruptcy. The 407ETR is not above the law after all.

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2 Responses to “Efforts to reign in the 407ETR are working! Look out 407ETR, change is on its way!”

  1. Carol Jones says:

    Who are the current arbitrators, as of August 2013? Do you have to pay for their services? Thank you in advance.

    • Tammy Flores says:

      Unfortunately Carol the Ministry of Transportation has not done anything to make those questions clear. The only answer they have been willing to give me so far is that arbitrators are appointed under the Highway 407 Act by the Lieutenant Governor in Council through an order in council. Orders in council are posted for the public on the 4th floor, in Cabinet Office, at 99 Wellesley Street Toronto. According to a judgment in 2005, 407ETR is supposed to notify the public of this right, however, there is no mention of it on their website. The Ministry of Transportation is remaining silent on this issue.

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