Fluxgold Izsak Jaeger LLP

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Fluxgold Izsak Jaeger LLP – http://fijlaw.com

Very aggressive collections company for the 407 ETR, these guys stop at nothing to get your information including impersonations and much more! If you get any type of phone call to confirm your address and it sounds strange, more than likely it’s them!

These guys also do not like their letters that they send to you being publicized due to the fact that they want privacy even though you are free to do what you want with the letters addressed to you.

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  1. kim jacobsen says:

    I have declared bankruptcy and included the 407 as a creditor I owe 1500… they have denied my plate renewal and yet they are still chasing me down FDR Collections calls me regularily… this year on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve morning and afternoon even though I have told them numerous times since Feb 2014 when I was discharged that they need to talk to my trustee..

    My trustee has sent them the paperwork 3 times and on Christmas Eve day was instructed to fax them the paperwork,… and believe it or not on New Years Eve Day they tell me once again they haven’t received the info so now can I please send it via email to this guy joep@fdr.on.ca…. doesn’t it seem strange to you, it sure seems strange to me that the collection agency is part of our government….. I mean fdr.on.ca…. very interesting..\

    Well anyway I will have my trustee send the info once again via email this time but I am sure it won’t stop the harassing calls I am receiving… even after declaring bankruptcy

    I remember being told “all collection calls would disappear” but apparently not the 407 – they are above everyone… maybe even God himself!!!!

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