Government cannot deal with 407 issues

The transportation ministry gets many 407 billing complaints.


Drivers have been flooding the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) with complaints about the 407 Express Toll Route (ETR) highway, said Bob Nichols, senior media liaison with the ministry.

“The MTO receives between 70 and 100 calls per week relating to 407 ETR billing issues,” said Nichols.

However, any issues with the 407 ETR cannot be handled by the MTO because of the 1998 Highway 407 Act, which gives the owners of the 407 ETR control over the collection and enforcement of tolls, which can include license plate denials.

“People with complaints should call the 407 ETR or e-mail them,” Nichols said.

Frank Klees, Conservative MPP for Newmarket-Aurora and transportation critic, said the situation is unacceptable.

“Quite frankly, I think that the fault here is with the ministry for not holding the 407 administration to account,” said Klees.

The 407 was privatized the Conservative provincial government in 1999 and a consortium of companies signed a 99-year lease for $3.1 billion.

Klees said the province should treat the owners of the 407 ETR as they would any other business. “The provincial government needs to hold the 407 ETR responsible like any other business that harasses their customers using third party collection agencies.”

Second-year fashion student Joanna Wright uses the 407 frequently and hasn’t had any issues with the 407.

“I use the 407 because of the light traffic flow, the better road conditions and shortened driving time to my destination,” said Wright. She said she has never been incorrectly billed.

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  1. Torian says:

    It is my belief that the 407 ETR is providing satellite information to GPS providers that literally FORCES people to use the 407 ETR. On a recent trip through Canada, I received an alarm warning on my GPS in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT that there was GREAT traffic congestion up ahead and that I should use this other road. FIVE MILES on that road (yes, the 407 ETR) got me a bill of $7.92 Canadian. I’d never even HEARD of this ‘automated’ toll road until I got this bill. The toll itself is only $1.52, and yet they want a ‘Video Toll Charge’ of $3.65 and an ‘account fee’ (what is THAT?’ of $2.75. I am furious and feel helpless, in addition to their website’s stern warning that this will damage my credit. I emailed them, NO response. THIS is SHAMEFUL…. and I believe they are NOW ENGAGED IN ILLEGAL sending of information to GPS units. YES, it can be done and NO I am not paranoid. (Smile.)
    Perhaps Garmin will pay my bill for me.

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