Gridlock Concerns: 2013 hot issue?

Change the 407 Act supporters, this cause can really use your support right now. Please go to the Premier’s website and vote this policy idea up. If you have any positive suggestions, please post them there. This could go a long way to nipping this issue in the butt once and for all. Here’s the link!/13642-25935 Thank-you so much for sharing this and helping decision makers pay attention to this.


Change the 407Act!  Please sign & share the petition

Everyone is predicting what they think will be the hot issues in 2013. With all the talk surrounding improving transit and infrastructure like the Gardiner, I am going with Gridlock. The Greater Toronto Area has millions of people, cars and trucks that move around every day. Gridlock is something people are starting to get more vocal about. We don’t hear from the majority of commuters who drive their vehicles every day, but the minority, pro transit voice is getting louder and louder.
Take for example, Jennifer Keesmatt, the City of Toronto’s Chief Planner. She has a bias and isn’t afraid to show it. She is pro transit. The Toronto Star quoted her as saying that she was “not big on massive investments in infrastructure that are about moving more cars”. Some say she suffers from tunnel vision. In my opinion, I think it is reckless to be a Chief Planner of a city with millions of people that need to be moved from point A to point B and not acknowledge that there are already too many vehicles that need to move around the city. Perhaps her statement isn’t as narrow as some interpreted it. If she doesn’t want to move “more” cars that doesn’t preclude the cars that already exist, does it? I would prefer to believe that her statement is about improving transit, and not about going all Kamikaze on the automobile.
That being said, the City of Toronto has some serious decisions that lie before them. The Gardiner is in desperate need of repair. Council should have money already put aside for this, but some want to tear it down and build a tunnel. Perhaps that vision of the tunnel is about moving “more” cars and not something Jennifer Keesmatt is interested in, however, repairing the Gardiner isn’t about moving “more” cars, it’s about moving the cars that already exist.

There is a crossroads here. Some think that making the Gardiner & DVP a toll highway is the answer to financing improved transit and infrastructure. Looking at 407 ETR’s example, there is a lot that can be gleaned. This highway, in its current state, only benefits the investors and the wealthy that can afford its overpriced tolls. It does nothing to move the cars that already exist and only fills the pockets of investors. The Province won’t even collect
the monies they are eligible for. If the City of Toronto is to go the way of the toll, there are many things that must be considered, but first of all, the City of Toronto has to decide what they want. So whether they fix the Gardiner, make it a toll highway or tear it down a decision has to be made without bias. Is that even possible?
It’s time for people to get involved and start caring about gridlock issues. If you are the majority of commuters that commute with your vehicle, stop sitting on the sidelines. We need your voice. Protect your pocket book! Even if you don’t commute by vehicle, but are against big business inventing new ways to open our wallets, help reign in 407 ETR. Put the politicians on notice. Sign the petition at Also, please write to your MPP and local municipal Councilor and tell them to reign in 407ETR. The majority of commuters need to start raising their voice.

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