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The Province released the RFP for the remaining kilometers of Highway 407 this past week.  Of course, the same investors in 407ETR are on the short list, but there’s a twist.  Ferrovial is now with a consortium called Blackbird Infrastructure Group and SNC Lavlin is with a consortium called 407E Infrastructure Group.  Another consortium called East End Transportation Group are competing as well.  Things that make you go hmmm.

The investors in 407ETR were already awarded the build/design, operations/maintenance of the extension from Brock to Harmony, along with the links to Highway 401 and chances are that they will be awarded the remainder of the project.  Although the Province claims the tolls will go to them, we all know that the investors will not be collecting tolls out the goodness of their heart.  This company doesn’t do anything unless they are paid handsomely for it.

Despite what the Province may say about the deal that was struck when Mike Harris was the Progressive Conservative Premier, they don’t seem to have much of an issue with these investors and prefer to work with them.

Is that why they are hesitant to reset the agreement on the current 108 KM’s?  I mean after all, we know that resetting the agreement on the current 108 KM’s means the Province can recoup at least $1 billion as well as reign in the Customer Service issues that have landed the company in court.

The group, Stop the 407ETR’s Abuse of Power, says that they are not a “stop the highway” group and sees the extension as a wise investment.  They insist that the problem they have is the lack of regulation by the Province for 407 ETR’s debt collection remedy, the Plate Denial process. They want the Province to regulate this company into follow the same rules as any other company.

The way Plate Denial is being exercised is extremely punitive. Given the excellent relationship the Province has with this company’s investors, they can and should do something to level the playing field for consumers. The group insist that it’s not an unreasonable expectation and that they will not give up until they achieve this goal.

Highway 407 is expected to be completed to Highway 115 by 2020.

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  1. D Murphy says:

    I can not afford to wait until 2020 for a fair conclusion to the improper billing practices of the 407 ETR.
    Plate Denial is unconstitutional, according the Bill of Rights.
    I have contacted Lawyers with no results and MPP’s do not take this seriously?
    Arbitrators/Lawyers have no clue of how to deal with the MTO or the 407 ETR.
    We, who are in plate denial for an alleged amount are treated as criminals and if you haven’t gone bankrupt no one cares to assist in resolving the legal issues.
    So how does one deal with these issues finally and once and for all???
    Complaints have been made with no answers to date!

    • Tammy Flores says:

      D Murphy, believe me, I hear you loud and clear. We are in court with this company already re: Bankrupts. The Appeal Court agrees that the 407 Act is inoperative as it relates to Bankruptcy. 407 ETR has taken the case to Supreme Court. As of this month, all documents are filed. We are waiting to see if the Supreme Court takes 407’s appeal. It is our hope they don’t and we can move on with the Class Action and then next… phase of the challenge. I know this doesn’t help you or anyone else right now, but in the future nobody will ever be subject to this ridiculous behavior ever again.

      • D Murphy says:

        Thanks for your reply Tammy,
        Unfortunately,this Plate Denial process all started with the Supreme Courts poor decision, in allowing the 407 ETR the privlege to use the MTO, as its own private collection company, for alleged debts with absolutely no justification.
        MTO Minister Glen Murray admits, that the 407 ETR is a “private company” and not a crown corporation.
        The Supreme Court should have realized this fact, when allowing the 407 to enforce the plate denial scheme, this is totally illegal.
        Ontario and Canada’s Legislated Acts protect us and the Supreme Court ignored these facts too!
        So the onus of this burden would appear to fall on the shoulders of the Supreme Court of Justice right from the get go.
        I would hope the Laws are enforced in favour of us,the victims, with a proper responce from the Supreme Court this month.
        The 407 ETR does not deserve or require, any protection within, the Ontario Government or the Federal level either.

        • Tammy Flores says:

          Hopefully the courts will get it right. The problem with the court case the Province had was they tried to rip up the contract instead of work with it. Then they threw us all under the bus by allowing this company do whatever they wanted unfettered. Big Fail. They don’t seem to want to do anything so hopefully, the courts will do what they won’t.

  2. JM says:

    I find it impossible to believe that our Provincial Government can waste over $2 billion of our tax dollars in gas plant scandals, $10 million in an Orng air ambulance scandal, and countless other “Illegal” actions which cost the citizens of ON massive sums of cash, yet they can’t come to a conclusion on this issue in less than years!

    I ran in to financial trouble about two years ago, which forced me to file a consumer proposal. I did so with the assumption that I would be given a “fair start”… not so much.

    I work on the road, and need to drive most days. That being said, I have no option except to drive illegally. If not, I lose my job, my income, and will not be able to pay anyone back as agreed upon in my consumer proposal. Not only am I forced to drive illegally to keep my head above water, I have also felt no “relief” as promised when filing for consumer proposal. I am as stressed as ever, and after being pulled over a few times for expired plates… I’m sure my insurance will double in the next couple of years as well.

    What on earth do these corrupt politicians expect me to do? Might I suggest that they lose their right to renew their plates when they are caught wasting tax payers dollars… or perhaps they should be made to pay the people of ON back for their shady spending habits… if not, they can’t drive on our roads either.

    For our own Government to have signed so many deals with so many devils, It does not seem there are any repercussions. they abuse their power, they abuse their “employers” (US!), and they don’t seem to care a pinch about the everyday person that is trying to get back on their feet.

    I have tried to make payment arrangements with ETR, but the minimum down payment, and expected payments of $650 per month are impossible for me to afford. Hey 407, and the corrupt Liberal Gov, IF I HAD THAT MUCH CASH HANGING AROUND… I WOULD HAVE PAID IT WITHOUT DOING A CONSUMER PROPOSAL!!! Best part… 3 times pulled over for expired sticker… every time… explained it to the police officer in detail, apologized that I could not get it done, expressed my need to drive for work or I would have no income… Every time… Police Officer has said… “I fully agree, and understand how wrong it is, now here is your $110 ticket” I hope the high level thief’s we have in office get some jail time for all the scams they are running… Being able to use our tax dollars is a “Privilege, not a RIGHT!” Freedoms need to be taken away from them, just as they are taken away from us.

    • Tammy Flores says:


      The positive side of this is that you are automatically included in the Class Action filed against this company. Please keep yourself up to date here http://www.classactionlaw.ca/content/claims/407%20ETR/407%20ETR.htm

      • JM says:

        I watch for updates daily, and have spoken to the firm several times over the past 6 months.

        Fingers crossed that the crooks find the rock they crawled out from under, and return sooner than later.

        I am looking forward to something being done… It’s sad to imagine the joy it will bring me to drive legally. I am no criminal, I’m just a middle class person that wants to sleep peacefully, and settle back in to a “normal” life. Who could have imagined a toll highway could be such a life changing thing.

        Oh, and one last thing. Their open gates, and claims that this is the only way to control the traffic, and payments for 407? I have a great idea… How about they use some of their monster profits and hire toll monitors like most every other toll road on the planet. The “We have no other method to control usage” claim is laughable at best. Hire some toll booth people to work the highway. No more mistaken billing, no more $40K bills, no more plate denial… Or, I guess that would just simply make too much sense! I hope the Supreme Court hikes the claim up to a level that forces the 407 ETR to make changes, or go bankrupt.

        Rant over.

        • Tammy Flores says:


          I hear ya. Their system is set up to gouge us at ever corner. What they should do is allow us to buy our transponders like they do in the States and prepay them. That would avoid so much hassle.

          This is the business model they choose. It’s up to them to figure out how to protect their bottom line. They can’t hold us hostage because their business model sucks!

          Currently they use the transponder against you. They turn it off if you don’t pay your bill and charge you fees. They aren’t interested in just collecting tolls as Kevin Sack claims. They make their money by dinging you for fees and interest.

  3. Victor says:

    407 now has another sneaky scheme to get your money.
    If you have a trip with a missing entrance or exit locations it uses a calculated guess to charge you based on some estimating scheme.
    This scheme is so bad I have a 407 bill with charges showing me traveling on the highway at the SAME time in two DIFFERENT places on either side of Toronto.

    They tried to bill me for trips I never could have made and it is in black and white on the bill they sent me.

    Let me know if you would like to see this and I can send you a copy.


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