How is Comparing the Sale to 407 ETR an Argument in Selling Hydro One?

Ontario’s new Financial Accountability Officer says privatizing Hydro One will be a bad deal for the Province. The Province says they are moving forward, full steam ahead, with privatizing Hydro One and throws the sale of Highway 407, to 407 ETR, in the face of everyone that questions the rationale behind what appears to be an irrational decision.

When you look back in history, the sale of Highway 407, to 407 ETR, for the most part meets with cautious optimism. As a matter of fact, not even the auditor general had anything bad to say about the deal. Fast forward to the sale of Hydro One and you have 8 Provincial Watchdog agencies, including the newly formed Financial Accountability Office, warning that this deal is bad for the Province. As well, hind sight is always 20/20 and for the most part, people think the sale of Highway 407 was bad for the Province.

Last week, I wrote about partisan politicians using the sale of Highway 407 in their argument to sell Hydro One. If you recall the early years of this current administration, the biggest uproar they made was about privatizing Highway 407. They even took 407 ETR to court in an effort to appear to be concerned about consumers. They claimed to have lost that case, but the reality of the situation is they did not lose; they simply did not appeal the lower court’s decision and opted to make an “amicable” agreement with the company with expectations that they would improve their customer service issues. To date, those customer service issues are still outstanding and now the very same critics of the sale of Highway 407 is pushing forward with privatizing Hydro One. But unlike the sale of Highway 407, there seems to be one negative report after another saying this deal is bad for the Province.

Every time the opposition criticises this administration’s decision to push forward with the privatization of Hydro One, the sale of Highway 407 is thrown in their face. How is that an argument? How does this justify ignoring all the reports that say this is a bad deal for the Province? Did they not learn from the sale of Highway 407? Why do they want to do more of the same?

When you go to twitter, to see what people are saying, it is evident that people are not supportive of privatizing Hydro One. Unlike the Province, people don’t see the connection between the sale of Highway 407 somehow supporting the sale of Hydro One. To the contrary, people agree the sale of Highway 407 was bad and see the sale of Hydro One being worse.

Again, how is throwing the sale of Highway 407 in the face of the opposition an argument to support the sale of Hydro One? I guess what this administration is saying is that, we have lived with the consequences of selling Highway 407 so we can live with the consequences of selling Hydro One. We don’t care about your quality of life. We are doing it because we can and we don’t care about the consequences.

We are in for a rough ride folks.

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4 Responses to “How is Comparing the Sale to 407 ETR an Argument in Selling Hydro One?”

  1. Joe Fazzari says:

    If the sale of the 407 was a bad decision then it brings into doubt the credibility of the conservative government officials who are criticizing the sale of Hydro One. It gives the appearance that there statements may be false and are strictly based on partisan-ism.

    We do know that Mike Harris failed as a teacher and a business man, yet he is now a multi-millionaire. What does that say?

    I am originally from North Bay and know things that a lot of people don’t.

    • Tammy Flores says:

      Yes. I can see that point and perhaps if this administration didn’t complain so much about the sale of Highway 407 when they took over, it would have some sway with me. Unfortunately, you have an administration that complained about Highway 407 being a “fire sale”. and “smoke and mirrors” and now they are doing the same thing with the sale of Hydro One. You want to talk about what’s credible? How does it make this administration credible?

  2. D Murph says:

    Nothing that belongs to the Crown or to the tax payers of Ontario should be sold to any Private Corporation or to any foreign investors/ other entities, Period!!!!
    It simply is not Canadian and does not benefit the Canadian people. This is still a democracy with the Crown still in control of our Laws First and foremost!!!
    It is sickening that our own Government of Administration officials/ Politicians, are selling out the Canadian public for quick cash, while loosing the viable means of control over our own assets.
    While it is against the Law here in Canada for any one company to monopolize an industry. It is our natural resources that sustain our daily way of life which measures the quality of our life in our country of Canada. These resources should not be on a auction block to the highest bidder at our expense!!!
    We and everyone else before us have paid for our highways many times over, the only reason Harris sold the 407 was to cover up the mismanagement of public funds by balancing a budget on money spent foolishly, by the Canadian Governments politicians.
    Our young people and New Canadians have not been taught our history of extensive selfpreservation, that our forefathers had to endure so that we could live comfortably now in this day and age.
    I write this as a fifth generation Canadian, my children are 6th and my grandchildren are the 7th.
    They have all been and still are being taught right from wrong, regarding the concerns to our Natural Canadian Heritage and of our resouces that we require daily to live up to the quality of life according to standards.
    However, it is painfully apparent that many of our Government officials have not been taught correctly or they simply do not care about the consequences of their actions or how many are effected by their stupity!!!
    We all need to know our Heritable Rights in our own Country of Canada.
    Driving to get from point A to point B is not a privelege! We pay for our licenses, We pay for our vehicles, the government did not give us our jobs? The government does not pay for our insurance rate. The Ontario Government taxes us to death literally on everything we do in this Country.
    Its about time everyone fought back, call your members of parliment make up petitions of signatures to be presented to the parlimentary government legislative assembly.
    We have to Stop them from Selling the people of Ontario out completely, didn’t free trade do enough damage???

    • Tammy Flores says:

      North Carolina residents just fired all the toll pushers there. We can learn something from our American friends.

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