Is this really life in Canada???

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Tom S: I do not have an account with 407 but my daughter has been harassed by them. She used the 407 more than a year ago (no transponder) and received a statement (less than $10) in the mail a month later. She promptly paid it. A few months later she received a statement claiming that she used the services a number of years ago and hadn’t paid the toll. They sent her a bill for over $100 including interest.

She asked for proof of the infraction but this was denied.

The essential message: “We say you owe us so you owe us unless you can prove differently.” She is a single mom who must drive for her work so she will probably have to pay (Circa $400 by now). CONVICTED of drunk driving, you MIGHT lose your license, ACCUSED of failure to pay 407, you WILL lose your license…. is this Canada?

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