Maria Quattro’s Storey of the Incremental Idiocies of the 407 ETR’s Collection Process

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This saga dates back to the early days of the 407 ETR, in 1998, when I drove on it from Jane Street to the 404 for about a few short weeks in total. Hearing horror stories in the news even in those early days about their billing mess, I decided to overpay them even before receiving any statements, thinking this would prevent/reduce the impact of any potential error on their part, should that happen. That useless altruism left me with a credit of a little over $300 after they deducted my trips.

I later got rid of that car and plate, and in 2001, I got another vehicle with another plate and began using the highway for less trips than the with the first car. I assumed the credit from the first plate/account was paying for the trips with this second car, so no problem, right? Not. ETR billing, mathematically and logically challenged little database that it is, instead started a new and separate account with the [my] same name, birth date etc, same info that the MTO has, yet they didn’t merge the two accounts, even after I made repeated calls to request that they do so.

Four months later, they mailed me my first statement for that second plate stating that I owed (approx) $185, with some trips that I couldn’t have made because it shows that I would have to be at two entrances and exits at the same time and day while I was at another!!! And unless I have a doppelganger, or am the best magician in the world, it’s obviously laughable. I called umpteen times to clarify these points–again: That I request that these two accounts had be merged, that I was way, WAY over billed by at least 75% on this second account even if you didn’t include the Bewitched Magic doppelganger effect, after the credit, 407 STILL owed me money. I had a difficult time reaching any rep. When I finally did, they said–again–that they would merge the two accounts. I asked that they mail me a hard copy confirmation of this, including photos of entries and exits. I never got any, nor did I receive any more statements from them. After many years, they no longer mailed me any more statements. I thought silence was golden. Not.

Fast forward to autumn 2009, I went into the MTO requesting new plates for a new car and I nearly had to be peeled off the ceiling! The amount from the SECOND plate/account was in excess of $2000 and, of course, the culprit–407 ETR! They hadn’t even merged my two accounts as they said they would, years ago, in 2001!

So after months of countless number of monitored lengthy calls to their obnoxiously belligerent CSR puppets, three visits to their office, and many conversations with my legal counsel, I took the first steps and filed a motion to take them to court.

Then, well into December 2009, my legal rep got a call from one of the supervisors, Sheldon, at their head office and requests that we all meet to discuss these accounts. We meet and 407 dude, Sheldon, says that the ETR had reviewed my situation and decided that I owe nothing to them!! All this bull**** and he tells me this! After picking up my jaw from the floor, I could only mutter, “Ya THINK??!!!” What I really did say was, “Great”. An understatement of the century.

Subsequent to this, he said he would IMMEDIATELY lift the plate denial and would send me a letter, signed by him, stating I have zero balance, therefore I owe 407 ETR nothing.

Okay–I knew it was a long shot, but I had to ask about the sum resulting from $300 minus the overbilled $165 they owed me from 1998 (possibly w interest?? haha!), Basically, the message I got was, ‘really’…should I REALLY look a gift horse in the mouth? So I dropped the lawsuit. I waited one month. I got a ‘statement’ with zero balance. Letter/signature by Sheldon himself? None. Plate denial lifted? Done.

BTW, by some nebulous rights, if I continued to take them to court, I could have asked for interest on the the amount they owed me, as per the 407 ETR Act. That said, the ‘Act’ is actually a conveniently vague, ambiguous/duplicitous worded and useless document that only serves the ETR, but if need be for the client, then take it up with a judge, if you dare.

As for OUR politicians and the monstrously criminal off-shore consortium that slimed this past taxpayers, they get kickbacks for selling us out and to add insult to injury, THIS PAYS FOR THEIR PENSIONS FOR THEM AND THEIR SUCCESSORS & FAMILIES! Oh…and pay for an extension to the highway!

After this, I had the MTO draw up a print-out of anything I owe and there is no more ETR. It’s gonna stay that way! =D

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  1. barbara weber says:

    wow ,,I thought I was the only one with the power to be in 2 places on the ETR at once!!!! what is that highway some kind of blackhole. Apparently I can even be on the highway at the same time I am in another country ,,florida…they have denied my plate renewal for my motorcycle…I am looking for legal representation …can you recomend any one ?

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