Metrolinx Says Raise Taxes to Pay for Transit

Change the 407 Act supporters, this cause can really use your support right now. Please go to the Premier’s website and vote this policy idea up. If you have any positive suggestions, please post them there. This could go a long way to nipping this issue in the butt once and for all. Here’s the link!/13642-25935 Thank-you so much for sharing this and helping decision makers pay attention to this.


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This article can be found in the Wednesday, June 5th, 2013 edition of the Toronto Caribbean on page 21 you can picked up in over 300 Caribbean establishments throughout the GTA or you can download it for free here


How does it make you feel to hear that the Province is considering raising taxes to pay for transit? The estimated amount of money needed to implement the “Big Move” is going to cost $2 billion/year for 25 years. Advocates of revenue tools… fancy words for taxes… say yes! Bring it because we need transit. I agree we need transit; however, I am not convinced that raising taxes is the only way to pay for it. When you look at the mismanagement in government such as Ehealth, Ornge, canceled power plants and the 407ETR to mention a few, don’t you think that if each Minister focused diligently on fine tuning their ministries some money could be found?


Considering that it is only 2% of the Province’s yearly budget they are looking for, I believe it is possible to find some of that money through better management.  For example, we had Jodie Parmar, former Vice President, Corporate Development, Privatization Secretariat/Ontario that successfully led the $3.107 billion privatization of Highway 407 write a few articles pointing out that the Province can divert at least $1 billion from 407ETR back to the Province.  Question is why the government isn’t exploring that opportunity before defaulting to the knee jerk reaction of raising taxes.  Is it because it is just easier to say give till it hurts?


We have a corporate environment that is constantly streamlining operations to increase profit and maximize efficiency. Sometimes a corporation will downsize, restructure, close branches, consolidate departments, cut unnecessary expenses, reduce budgets, etc… anything to trim costs.  Although government plays a huge role in our social conscience, the vital services we receive from them has to be run more efficiently. The waste for personal and political gain is rampant. It’s like gangrene and needs to be cut out!


After neglecting infrastructure for 30 years we now find ourselves in a crisis situation. The very first piece of advice anyone would give in an emergency situation is “don’t panic”. Then you need to take control of the situation and act quickly. The action taken will be for the greater good and not for self gain or some kind of an agenda. Debates abound for what that greater good is. Some say it’s the environment, others will say the priorities are social and economic, but regardless of which side of the debate you sit, if you don’t work together then I am afraid we will still be here 25 years from now in the same situation.  Don’t forget to sign and share the petition


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