Ministry of Consumer Services refuses to look into 407ETR issues

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This article can be found in the Wednesday, July 31st, 2013 edition of the Toronto Caribbean on page 27 you can picked up in over 300 Caribbean establishments throughout the GTA or you can download it for free here

Does Government work for people anymore?  Can the public effect change? OR Is Government only there for large corporations?  The “Office of the Integrity Commissioner”oversees Ontario’s “Lobbyist Registration Act”, the “Members’ Integrity Act” (formerly called “Conflict of Interest Act”) and the “Public Service of Ontario Act”. This office also reviews Cabinet Ministers and Opposition Leaders expenses.  The integrity Commissioner is supposed to assist MPP’s to keep the public interest in the forefront, to promote public confidence in the integrity of each MPP/public service and maintain the respect society holds for the Legislative Assembly, its members and public services. With scandals as of late like EHealth, Ornge & the power plants the public is getting tired of the same rhetoric and is losing confidence in government. We see that by the fact that only 50% of the population votes.


It seems that the public interest is only a financial transaction these days and the fact that our MPP’s and our public services like the Ministry of Transportation and the Ministry of Consumer Services are allowing a company like 407ETR to continue to treat people unfairly only adds injury to insult.


Since the Ministry of Transportation refuses to respond to any more of my emails, I decided to turn to the Ministry of Consumer Services. After all, what 407ETR is doing to the public should fall under their jurisdiction, but all I got was double talk. They refused to look into the 407ETR issues.


To quote their June 12th, 2013 letter to me “The Consumer Protection Act, 2002 is a broad piece of marketplace legislation… where there is an industry-specific regulator in place which administers legislation governing the same issue as provisions found in a more general statute, the industry-specific legislation is applied. It would be inappropriate for the Ministry of Consumer Services to mediate or investigate a matter where the business is regulated by a designated regulator…”


Didn’t the Ministry of Consumer Services, in April 2013, take steps to ensure that consumers were provided with clear information and fewer surprises when they enter into cell phone and wireless services contracts? Isn’t the CRTC the industry-specific regulator in place that administers legislation that covers the same issues? Am I wrong to conclude then that it was inappropriate for the Ministry of Consumer Services to mediate/investigate the complaints they received about the cell phone market? Like I said, all I am getting is double talk.


What is the difference between the cell phone market and the new toll market that was created here in the Province of Ontario?  I will tell you what I see. The public doesn’t have a Kevin Sack for tolling matters.  Kevin Sack is 407ETR’s paid lobbyist that is able to walk into any government service such as the Ministry of Government Services, Ministry of Infrastructure, Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Transportation, the Office of the Premier and Cabinet Office, Metrolinx, Ontario Infrastructure and Lands Corporation (Infrastructure Ontario) and any MPP’s office and have an audience. Kevin Sack can discuss policy programs, projects, back office and customer service decisions, transit, transportation infrastructure, etc. Who does the public have to balance those discussions out? ABSOLUTELY NOBODY! Is this in the public interest to have only one sided discussions? No it is not.


The Ministry of Consumer Services says that we have legislation in place to handle our issues; however, neither the Ministry of Transportation nor the Ministry of Consumer Services will recognize that we were denied access to independent arbitration. More double talk. How is this in the public interest?


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