Ministry of Transportation offers no answers regarding 407ETR

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This article can be found on page 19 of the April 24th, 2013 Toronto Caribbean download your copy for free here

April 2nd, 2013, the Ministry of Transportation decided it would not entertain my questions anymore and said, “The points raised in your e-mail have been answered in previous correspondence. As this information has already been provided, I encourage you to review this correspondence.”

My response: I have to express my frustration. The Ministry of Transportation has not satisfactorily answered any of the points raised. What the Ministry of Transportation continues to do is support the 407ETR’s abuse of the Plate Denial process.

Fact #1 – Ontario’s Registrar of Motor Vehicles is an independent, quasi-judicial provincial official (which means you have powers resembling those of a court of law or judge and is able to remedy a situation or impose legal penalties on a person or organization). However, you refuse to exercise your powers in a reasonable and fair manner. You continue to interpret the 407 act in a way that allows the 407ETR to abuse the plate denial process and collect money from people that is not lawfully owed. You have zero proof from 407ETR that charges they claim are lawful and expect the public to wrangle information from this private company. When the public tells you that 407ETR refuses to release any documentation, you do not act in their behalf and demand what is fair and reasonable. In fact, you mislead the public by claiming to be investigating the case. When the public asks you for the documentation on that investigation, you have none and say you don’t document the investigation because it’s normal business. This is not acceptable. The scales are tipped in favor of only the 407ETR.

You have done nothing to protect the public from their predatory practices. What is worse, you tried to pass the buck to the Ministry of Consumer Services. The accountability to fix this issue lies within the Ministry of Transportation. The Ministry of Transportation’s response has been that it can’t control 407ETR’s business practices. This is not a satisfactory answer.

Fact #2 – You recognize that 407ETR must follow Consumer Protection laws, but do nothing to enforce it. You go beyond that by turning a blind eye to their shady business practices and predatory billing practices. You have allowed 407ETR to institute a 3 tiered bureaucracy that benefits only the company and does not treat the public fairly. The Ministry of Transportation has not enforced clauses in the agreement/act whereby the public should have had access to independent arbitrators when disputes arise. The more I ask for clarification on how we are supposed to access these independent arbitrators and why we were never given that option, the Ministry’s response has been we are looking into that. This is not a satisfactory answer.

Fact #3 – I have Kevin Sack on record saying that they follow the prescribed times under the act in section 16 and 22, however, the Ministry of Transportation’s interpretation of these sections in the act is that it refers to collection and not what is fair and reasonable when it comes to how 407ETR purposely suppresses invoices for years, on amounts, that may not even exist, and then slams random members of the public with bills for thousands of dollars. This isn’t fair, reasonable or legal.

The Ministry of Transportation must use its quasi-judicial powers and act on behalf of the public that is being scammed by this company. Stop turning a blind eye. I will not rest until the Ministry of Transportation does the right thing for the people in this Province that are victims of 407ETR’s predatory billing practices. I expect action. I expect the Ministry of Transportation to exercise clauses in the agreement/act that benefits the public and stop helping this company rip people off.

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