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I used the 407 once back in 2004 or 5 can’t really remember. Got my 10 to 15 dollar bill and paid it. Never used the highway again as I was stuck in traffic. Yup stuck in traffic. So I decided why would I pay for a service that is no better than an untolled highway.

Well in 2009 I get a letter saying I owe over $3000. I call them and tell them to send me the proof. At first I think this is a business scam. I soon come to realize I am dealing with people who will not provide information. I told one girl on the phone I was recording the conversation so I would have all the information and not get my facts mixed up. She said I couldn’t do that. I said but you record conversations for quality purposes so why can’t I. I just want to make sure I don’t misunderstand the information I am asking for and that we both want to resolve this situation right. She hung up on me.

I proceeded to send letter to the company and to the ombudsman never got a reply back. Now I am getting collection agency letters in the mail. I am still refusing to pay as I have not received any proof of billing. As far as I can tell the 407 did not respond to me in the allotted time as per the 407 ACT, it is now a non issue as far as I am concerned. I know my bill was paid on time. I refuse to talk to them anymore and just file the mail they send.

I am telling everyone I can about what happened and I am telling them to read your stories. Hopefully no one will use that highway. As I read more about the company it appalled me that they have had human rights issues with their very own employees. Says a lot about the company and their ethics.

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  1. Tim Cutajar says:

    It started in 2007 went to renew my sticker and they said i have a balance of $2800 for the 407 so i called them ,Got some one on the phone didnt know what they were talking about so i just payed it. Time came the next year 2008 the same again another $700 And 2009 $230 so i was so sick of this i called and sayed on phone for one hr and a half and thought this came to an end ,i even got a credit of $20 never used and won’t . Sure enough 3 year later i just got a bill for $4300 ,i almost died when i opened it ,i went right to the office and demanded to talk to the highest person in charge ,i waited 22 minutes the went to back room were this lady was behind a glass wall told whats this all about she said it from 1998 and it was a transponder monthly charge plus interst she told me the month the charge started from ,the month she said i had my truck stolen a month before and i call in to the office and it not my problem if worker of the 407 didnt mark it done im not paying she replys back i will send u a form and fill it out and will come to a settlement i agreed 2 weeks pass i call looking for the form they said u not getting it i said why did anyone call me or let me know he replies sorry about that i said well what do i do he goes u have to pay it,i want to talk to his boss and he said go on web site write them and someone will get back to you and know finding out what to do im not paying

  2. Paul says:

    Hello….$80.00 in one day. Billed x three for transponder fee, saved 45 min driving time, got to work 4 hours to pay bill, the math certainly works in their favour……Signed…Awake Now

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