Please Feel Free to Complain Re: MTO/407ETR Billing Practices

Thanks so much for your ongoing support to rein in 407 ETR.  While we are waiting on the Appeal Court’s decision on 407 ETR’s request for a Stay while they appeal to Supreme Court, we need to ramp up this campaign.

Please file a complaint to the Provincial Ombudsman here  The Provincial Ombudsman has just launched an investigation into Hydro One’s billing practices.  It appears Hydro One has taken a page out of 407ETR’s book on billing.
The agency is: The Ministry of Transportation
Feel free to cut and paste the following complaint:
My complaint is about how the Ministry of Transportation, blindly applies the Plate Denial process.  It’s not transparent and favors 407ETR.  For example, the Appeal Courts just ruled that the 407 Act is inoperative because it conflicts with the Bankruptcy Insolvency Act.  The Ministry of Transportation has refused to release people from Plate Denial because 407 ETR prefers not to release people from Plate Denial until the Appeal Court rules on their application for a Stay. There is no legal basis for the Ministry of Transportation to keep people in Plate Denial that have claimed bankruptcy.
There is a culture within the Ministry of Transportation to blindly apply 407 ETR’s requests for Plate Denial regardless the circumstances.  This puts the public at a disadvantage because in many cases, 407ETR has refused to resolve their billing issues in a reasonable, fair manner.  Many people that end up in Plate Denial have bills that are made up of mostly interest charges and fees and the actual tolls that may have been made, have never been proven to exist.  The Ministry of Transportation has a responsibility to the public to better regulate this company’s behavior and to this date, has acted as if their hands were tied. Their hands are not tied.  There are provisions in the 407 Act that the Ministry of Transportation can enforce that would protect the public from this company’s predatory billing practices.
Thanks so much for your continued support.  Please don’t forget to share this.  The more people putting in a complaint to the Provincial Ombudsman, the closer we will be to reining in 407 ETR.
Tammy Flores
Founder of Stop the 407 ETR’s Abuse of Power


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5 Responses to “Please Feel Free to Complain Re: MTO/407ETR Billing Practices”

  1. Kirby says:

    Received a statement in mail today for $12.75 for a trip taken on the 407 ETR, that I did not take or was even around on the date and time listed on the statement. They charged flat rate as they couldn’t even determine what the entry or exit point was. How could they get so wrong.
    I suspect it is not an easy process to dispute charges to the 407.

  2. Steve says:

    Great work, please keep it up. This is a bigger issue than just over billing. This is a private company, foreign company operating a Private road way paid for by tax payers money.
    If government will act as a bill collector for a private firm, then it should logically do the same for every Canadian company. Any client who doesn’t pay me for a year should have their plate denied right?
    Not to mention plate denial blatantly infringes on our Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

    Our government is way out of control and this type of involvement borders on criminal.

    I received a bill in dec 2013 for 1980.00 then in January 2014 I have a bill that’s says I owe 4,300.00 (rounded) …..illegal and I will be looking into legal action.

    Extortion and charter of rights issues here. Government just doesn’t know when to quite.

    • Tammy Flores says:

      Steve. we have lawyers investigating action under the Limitations Act. We have to wait to see the result of 407’s appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada over the bankruptcy issue before we proceed with anything. It’s our hope the Supreme Court puts this company in it’s place!

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