Prospects for Urban Roads… Pricing in Canada

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I hope all of you enjoyed your holidays and 2012 brings some needed changes.  I came across this article and thought you would find it as interesting as I did. Robin Lindsay is from the University of Alberta.  I am going to try and access the complete document and put it on the website with Robin’s permission of course, but I thought this should wet your appetite.  I have always spoken about how this highway has been planned on the books for over 50 years.  Smart people over the years foresaw the need our Province had for this highway to relief congestion.  Although Robin’s referral to the highway being privately OWNED and operated is not accurate, I am looking forward to reading Robin’s insights on congestion relief.  I say it is not accurate because this highway is publically owned… it is privately operated and from a planning stand point, I wonder if Robin would agree that makes for some sticky questions of legality.  Just some food for thought to ponder as we begin a new year.

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