Reason to reign in 407ETR? Because we can!

Change the 407 Act supporters, this cause can really use your support right now. Please go to the Premier’s website and vote this policy idea up. If you have any positive suggestions, please post them there. This could go a long way to nipping this issue in the butt once and for all. Here’s the link!/13642-25935 Thank-you so much for sharing this and helping decision makers pay attention to this.

Change the 407Act!  Please sign & share the petition

This article can be found on page 14 in the November 7th, 2012 Toronto Caribbean

How many times have you heard from the Province that they exhausted all legal avenues available to them to reign in 407ETR’s spiralling toll increases and customer service nightmares? As Jodie Parmar pointed out in the last three articles, there are at least 3 legal options available to the Province if they really want to reign in 407ETR. The question now becomes do they want to? Why haven’t they acted on behalf of the over 6,000 Bankrupt Ontarians & thousands more that were victims of this company’s willful invoice suppression scheme?

Also, we can not forget that gridlock causes a loss of billions of dollars from our economy. Why haven’t they acted to help curb gridlock on the 401? More importantly, why aren’t we hearing the conversation on the status of Highway #413? (Yes there is another highway planned for north of Highway 407).

There seems to be confusion among the professionals I have spoken with over the information the traffic models will reveal. For example, in the studies that are now taking place, are they comprehensive enough to show the network effects, including 401, 407 & the potential 413? What role does transit play in the studies? One of the most important details I want to know is if the studies are only taking into account 407ETR’s optimizing trips to generate ever increasing EBITDA to enrich owners, instead of trip optimization actions & alternatives for congestion relief? These are important questions we should be demanding answers to.

When the Province has it within the power of their hands to rectify these troubling issue for thousands of people and bring in some much needed dollars to the economy it is reasonable for us to expect that they act. Please continue to ask your MPP if they will act on reigning in 407ETR and sign the petition at

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