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So heres my story and why I became interested in your group:

About a month ago I received a call from someone claiming to be from revenue Canada. When I got on the phone, he explained that he wanted to confirm my address because a few GST cheques had been returned (this I found hilarious because I did not qualify for any GST returns this year lol) but I humored him to see what exactly would come in the mail.

3 weeks ago I received a letter from a lawyer company stating that they represent the 407 etr and that I owe $18,865.38 and that I have ten days to pay lol…. about 2 weeks later I now get a knock on the door and a delivery guy then hands my wife a envelope with papers from the same lawyer company now stating I have 20 days to comply or they will be proceeding with legal action… amongst these papers included legal papers for the Ontario Supreme Court Of Justice.

I have called their office twice, first time only to find the lawyer that is handling my case is on vacation for a month lol, so I hit another extension to get someone else, I did receive one phone call back but was not around to answer. Both times I had to leave a message.

This whole situation is crazy considering I have not received any type of invoice from them for years and they are for old plates I dont even own anymore.

This is really unbelievable that the province is actually allowing this company to not only deny people of plate renewal, but be allowed to charge an ongoing annual interest fee even though the account has been inactive for years.

Financial companies can’t even do this, let along charge the high interest that they charge… and financial companies you literally use their money for your own personal gain! If you don’t pay, they stop your account and that’s what you owe… then off to collections and if that’s unsuccessful, eventually its written off… these companies have insurance policies to cover this! SO WHATS 407’S EXCUSE? WHAT MAKES THEM ANY DIFFERENT?

Something really needs to be done about this whole situation! After reading many articles on the Toronto Star, I’ve come to realize this is a HUGE problem that is happening to a lot of people!

Over $18,000.00 in interest and this sounds legitimate to the company??? Really 407, how long do you think you can do this to people??? Why don’t you just try and get the original money that is owed to you, you might get more that way…. just like any other legitimate company out there.

Modern day Mafia…. all I can say!


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  1. Tammy Flores says:

    You have to demand documentation. Go to the Privacy Commissioner to compel it. They won’t send it to you, but you will have a record of how you tried to settle it. We need to do a class action law suit against these guys and make the government listen to our complaints because they have it in the power of their hands to change this.


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