Stupid is… is stupid does!!

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Mr. P “I got a refund from Toll Highway 407 for a charge error back in February. A whopping $0.04 !! Wow!! The stamp mark was $0.59, and I’m sure the paper and envelope are worth approximately $0.08. So it cost them approx $0.67. What ticks me is that if I had owed that, they probably would have charged interest and maybe a late fee too. Where’s my interest owed?”

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4 Responses to “Stupid is… is stupid does!!”

  1. IT says:

    You might think that someone is sitting there printing out bills, putting them into envelopes, and placing a stamp on them – you’re wrong!

    Its all automated, as long as the balance on the account is not equal to 0, you’re getting a bill.

    Dont want to be billed? Dont drive on the highway….

  2. admin says:

    Really trying to figure out the relevance to your statement “IT” as this is not a bill, but a cheque.

  3. robin says:

    agree – 407 whole concept is evil —
    Mike Harris gang sold it -so they will never get
    my vote again for anything –

  4. Victor says:

    Sorry PC’s you lost my vote until I stop receiving a 407 bill every month.

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