Superintendent of Bankruptcy’s Appeal Re: 407ETR-Further Reflections‏

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This article can be found in the Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013 edition of the Toronto Caribbean on page ___ you can picked up in over 300 Caribbean establishments throughout the GTA or you can download it for free here


I find it interesting how silent mainstream media has been regarding this appeal.  It went ahead June 10th, 2013, but the IKEA monkey is more important than this issue. Regardless of what the media chooses to report on, this agenda will continue going forward.

We are not giving up and we hope to have support from more Politicians as this case winds it’s way through the courts.  Of course, we are still looking for people to support our petition that can be found here  It has been a battle to get Politicians onside because everyone has an agenda, but after meeting with a Political Analyst from the states last night, I am hoping this will change.
Jodie Parmar, the architect behind the agreement with this company, maintains we can absolutely reset the agreement with 407ETR.  Although he is not for making it a free highway, he is for making it a fair highway.
The crux of 407ETR’s argument was convoluted if you ask me, but in a nut shell:
1) 407ETR’s lawyers were trying to prove there was some sort of public policy at stake if they didn’t remain viable.  There was absolutely no evidence presented about how collecting from bankrupt people would keep them viable.  True to 407ETR’s style, they just want to shove what they think down everyone’s throat.  As stated in my previous article, if the Province felt there was a public policy at stake they would have made themselves party to the action.  How dare 407ETR act as if they represent the Province.  This had me stewing in my seat as I sat in the court room.
2) 407ETR’s lawyers were saying the only way for them to protect their business is to be able to control who they give “credit” to.  They claim Plate Denial is necessary to control that.  I have so many issues with this, but the most prominent is that they signed the agreement and knew full well they were to let the public access the highway.  Although it may be in the public interest to keep the traffic flowing on that highway, they can put up a mix of manned toll booths and free access points if they want to protect their business. 
3) 407ETR’s lawyers went into great detail about how the 407 Act was part of the Highway Traffic Act and as such made examples of how people who drive without insurance can lose their license and face a monetary penalty.  A question asked was does monetary penalties make people better drivers or more responsible drivers?  Think about it.  Considering it costs you about $5,000.00 if you drive without insurance, normal people won’t risk that, but I would say it’s a deterrence over making people safer or more responsible drivers.   I think it was a stretch on their part, to put themselves on that level when it comes to people not paying the tolls claimed against them. Are they in any position to insinuate everyone that doesn’t pay their tolls they claim is owing are irresponsible? If they want to talk about responsibilities I am sure you can appreciate that I can go into great detail on how they have not been responsible to the public in their billing practices. They never provide proof that what they claim against people is a lawful toll.  
As I said, their argument is convoluted!
Do Canadians really want “Debtors Prison” back?  Consider how the banks and auto sector were just bailed out by the government.  This is not the culture that exists, but 407ETR would have you believe this is the new way of thinking for businesses.  OUTRAGEOUS!   
I hope people start to understand what is actually at stake with regards to what this company is doing.  Do we want all companies treating people the way 407 does?  If we don’t fight this fight now, all that was fought and won in the past with respects to these kinds of debt collection issues will be lost.  There are measures in place to protect businesses from abuse of these provisions.  407ETR’s way of dealing with this issue is to thumb their nose at it completely.  They don’t even respond when they receive a letter that someone is claiming bankruptcy or is discharged.  They thereby forgo any of those protections in place if you ask me.
Hopefully, the Judges can see through 407ETR’s attempt at changing the way Canadians are treated by private enterprise.  


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  1. Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you relied on the video to make your point.
    You clearly know what youre talking about, why throw away your intelligence on just
    posting videos to your site when you could be giving us something informative to read?

  2. Terry Ryckman says:

    We would sign the petition if it was available to sign. We are not into the websites such as Facebook, twitter or whatever else is out there. Apart from that, we , too are in plate denial for reasons beyond our control. No plates, no access to work. No work, no income. No income, no money to pay for legal help to fight htese criminals. The 407 HAS the proof to show themselves that WE are not using their damn extortion making road. What other recourse do we have other than signing another damn petition which in the short term is crippling our own lives financially, mentally and physically?

    • Tammy Flores says:

      My apologies I will ask tech to put up a special tab so it appears on all pages. But for now the link is here

      Unfortunately to effect change it takes time. The issue is before the courts. We have to wait on this decision before we decide where to go from here. Hopefully there is justice and the Superintendent of Bankruptcy is successful. If not, it’s back to the drawing board, but we will not give up.

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