Tempers Rage – Province Ignores Pleas To Regulate 407 ETR’s Plate Denial‏

When will our political leaders learn? This is a question I have heard frustrated motorists ask as their pleas for the Province to regulate 407 ETR’s bias application of the Plate Denial process, continues to be ignored.

A small irritant, such as making the Plate Denial process fair, has the potential to fester and become a full blown emergent situation if it continues to be ignored.
The group “Stop the 407 ETR’s Abuse of Power” is baffled as to why the Province continue to ignore their pleas for a fair process.  The only conclusion they can make is that there is deliberate, political interference.  The group says it is content to stay the course through the courts.  They are thankful they have found a legal team that is interested in the public interest.  They are anxiously awaiting the Supreme Court’s decision on the December 2013 Appeal Court’s decision that the 407Act is inoperative as it relates to people in bankruptcy.
Meanwhile, the petition on change.org http://www.change.org/en-CA/petitions/change-the-407act to regulate the Plate Denial process continues to gain supporters.  There are 780 signatures so far.  The comment section reveals the frustration motorists feel.
John Molnar from Mississauga at least can make light of the sticky predicament he finds himself in. He says, “Plate Denial after I have filed for consumer proposal… I can’t pay the bill to get my plates back. Rock and a hard place, population ME!”
I can relate to Mr. Molnar’s sentiments.  Fighting for what’s in the best interest of the public can sometimes feel like what Helen Reddy’s song suggests “sometimes it feels like you and me against the world”.
I will continue to write about 407 ETR issues until they are resolved.  There is hope that we are closer than ever before.  Don’t give up.  Please join in the fight by signing the petition and reaching out to your local MPP and tell them you want this problem fixed once and for all.
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One Response to “Tempers Rage – Province Ignores Pleas To Regulate 407 ETR’s Plate Denial‏”

  1. D Murphy says:

    Our local MPP Jeff Leal and MP Dean Del Mastro are two, of the bureaucrates endorcing the 407 ETR’s extension to Peterborough region.
    So! tell us who is in who’s pocket?

    They are Literally stealing farmland and properties to extend the 407, to the 115 hwy., in the Peterborough region.
    While the area of Peterborough has an extremely high rate of unemployment with record low wages due to only parttime positions being available & seasonal workers.
    However, MPP,Jeff Leal somehow believes that this will create jobs? LOL
    He fails to understand how the 407 ETR will be the only winners in the 407 ETR scheme.
    Dealing with the 407 ETR, is like selling your soul to the devil.
    Look! how long it has taken, to get the 407 ETR into the Ontario courts, to deal with only “one area” of injustice.
    This is May of 2014, the 5th month, while we all wait for the Appeal Courts to render a decision for the Bankrupcy Act to be upheld? OMG this has to end somewhere?

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