The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From 407ETR’s Tree

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Everyone knows the saying… “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”. SNC Lavlin’s former CEO, Pierre Duhaime, stepped down in March of this year after being embroiled in a scandal over $56 million in payments that were missing. Since then, we have heard a lot of chatter about organized crime in Quebec and how politicians from all levels were stepping down in the midst of the controversy. Pierre Duhaime has formerly been arrested for fraud, this month. SNC Lavlin is part of the consortium of owner’s in 407ETR.

June 6th, 2012 I wrote about how on May 24th, 2012, Premier Dalton McGuinty made the official announcement that the same SNC Lavalin consortium that owns 407ETR had been awarded not just the build/design of the highway’s extension, but also the operations/ maintenance of it for 30 years. Premier McGuinty lent his reputation to SNC Lavalin by making the announcement for “the people’s highway” from their maintenance yard. I showed up to hear the announcement and was escorted off the property by Kevin Sack, spokesperson for 407ETR and the Premier’s personal body guard. He said it was private property and the public was not invited. So SNC Lavalin operates from 407ETR offices? Very interesting don’t you think considering it was reported in September of 2011 that SNC Lavalin’s offices were raided close to Toronto. I wondered if those offices were at 6300 Steeles so I phoned the RCMP & the Securities Commission to find out and they could not speak about the case.

September 18th, 2012 “The Canadian Press” reported about how Premier McGuinty didn’t want to hear about organized crime through the media. If it was real he wanted proof, but then he stepped down from office in the midst of controversy and so did others despite the fact there was a “Minority Government”. What is going on in the Province of Ontario?

I have been working really hard at reigning in 407ETR for their shady business practices. All I hear from the Province is that they tried and failed, however, as I continue to push, I realize that what the Province claims was “trying” was actually an illegal way forward. As you read in previous articles, there is in fact a lawful way forward to reign in 407ETR, even diverting $1 billion back into the economy. Now the question becomes “why isn’t the Province pursuing this”?

Perhaps it’s because you have Liberals like David Mac Naughton that decided in 2009 he would lobby on behalf of 407ETR. The Province didn’t fix the Customer Service issues or the spiraling toll rates, but decided to take an attitude of “if you can’t beat them, join them”. I think this has crossed a line. David Mac Naughton wasn’t just an “employee” of the Liberal government. His relationship with this party has much closer ties in that he chaired Premier David Peterson’s successful 1987 election campaign and was a senior advisor to the Leader in the 2003 provincial election, which resulted in the successful election of Dalton McGuinty as Premier of Ontario. From October 2003 until joining StrategyCorp, Mr. MacNaughton served as Principal Secretary to the Premier of Ontario. In that role he focused on bringing private sector principles of sound business management to the Ontario government. His responsibilities as Principal Secretary included a particular emphasis on energy, budget, asset management, and private financing initiatives. I’ve yet to find out the date Mr. Mac Naughton started at Strategy Corp., but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was close to the date he started to lobby on behalf of 407ETR.

I have asked the Securities Commission to investigate 407ETR, however, because they are “private” and don’t report, the Securities Commissions doesn’t cover them. This is not true.  They actually do report to the Securities Commissions and you can see their profit on SEDAR’s website.

Like I said, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. SNC Lavalin’s influence is throughout 407ETR’s operations. I asked the Liberal’s Press Secretary to stop ignoring 407ETR issues because I’ve yet to get an answer from them about what they did for us victims of 407ETR’s shady business practices prior to awarding the extension to the 407ETR consortium. The Liberal Press Secretary’s answer was that they were not ignoring the issues, but that they were expanding to improve gridlock. I then asked when 407ETR’s goal is not to optimize trips rather to generate ever increasing EBITDA to enrich owners how does that improve gridlock? Not surprising there was no response. Then I couldn’t help but ask how it felt to expand with a bunch of crooks. Their response was for me to take my concerns to the police. That’s my next step.

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