The Fixer: No end to 407 ETR billing woes


Heaven help the poor souls being hounded to pay a 407 toll road bill padded with outrageous interest charges.

A year ago we reported on 407 invoices that arrived years after the driving took place, demanding incredible sums that were mostly interest, charged at a compound rate of 26 per cent.

We were deluged with complaints from drivers charged thousands of dollars in interest, many of whom were denied a licence plate renewal under a unique authority granted to the 407 to compel payment.

Tales of woe are still arriving that make it clear the 407 continues to hold back bills and let the interest run up before sending out an invoice.

Grant Browning emailed to say his business crumbled in 2003, leaving him with an unpaid 407 balance, but since he hadn’t got a bill in about five years, “it led me to believe they had closed the account.”

A couple weeks ago, an envelope was hand-delivered to Browning’s door, “containing papers from a law firm stating that I now owe over $18,000.

“I am totally stunned. I do not deny that I owed money, but how a company can charge over $17,000 in interest is beyond my imagination. How are they getting away with this?”

Rob Milroy says he hasn’t owned a 407 transponder for six years, but recently got a bill for $3,373 in charges subsequently rung up on it.

“I am going to be sent to collections and have a plate denial issued for plates that have never been on the 407.”

Dominic Macchione said he disputed a $200 bill from 407 in 2006 and didn’t hear from the toll road until last week, when an invoice for $1,400 arrived in the mail.

Tammy Flores, one of the most tenacious 407 bill-fighters we’ve come across, keeps us posted on her relentless demands for full documentation from the 407 for the amount it insists she owes.

Ted Williams emailed to say he pays his 407 bill, but wonders “how can my monthly bill be $250-plus when I drive from Burlington to the Keele exit only twice a week? It seems outrageous.”

It pains us to say there’s not much we can do except write about it and ask the 407 to show a little mercy, please.

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9 Responses to “The Fixer: No end to 407 ETR billing woes”

  1. John says:

    Man these guys really need to start to work with the public and stop looking at the all mighty dollar!

  2. Dawn says:

    407 is nuts! A fee that was paid in 2005 by someone else’s transponder used in my car isn’t recognized by thier appaling computer system.

    After more then 5 years of calls, emails etc. I called and escalated to “the office of thr president” they wrote off the interest only. I paid cause I was so fed up after 5 years.

    So, they’ve been paid twice and we’re also financing their awful innacurate billing system.

    We have no real recourse, as everyone at the 407 (d/a, ombudsman, privacy officer) I’ve written to just says (in a form type letter) that I’m denied & have to pay. Calling is insane & requires very long waits, just to be told pay up.

    ***Why does the Ministry of transportation allow them to deny plates when there is no real recourse available to us to dispute? Their sysem (and it’s an old & bad one) ALWAYS says 407 is right & we’re wrong.

    It is untrue that anything in their system was “fixed” it’s as bad in 2011 as ever

    Plate denial should be removed from their authority! How can we force this to happen?

    • Tammy Flores says:

      We need to have the Province introduce new legislation that holds the 407 ETR accountable for their actions. If they want to impose such a heavy handed collection tactic they should be put through the ringer first, not us left trying to prove our innocence with no documentation or back up whatsoever.

  3. diane says:

    Well I happenned upon this site today, after googling what the heck is 407 ETR. Been in Ont for a year, no where near the 407. Today seeming out of the blue, a bill comes from them, additionally intriguing was to see “late payment ” interest charges, for a service I did not sign up for, and have never received a bill previously for. I suppose it is possible i might have driven for a few km’s on this hiway when i went to richmond hill, last Sept – who knows? I was lost at the time so it’s possible. But my main question is why am i being penalized for “late payment” when its the first i’ve heard of this organization today. What the heck kind of organization is this? I see many similar complaints. Uncanny that the meeting I see the video on here, is from today as well. Big brother is here eh? thx for the ear.

  4. Vicky says:

    I recieve harrassing calls on my work phone house phone and parents phone in regard to some bill that ive already paid and have the reciept I know have collections calling and calling and give me some bogus story that i incurred these charges after the date there is no possible way i never was on the 407 or did I let anyone use my car I live up north and would Drive further north for work and also I only had a vehicle in my name one year after the date of paying my 407 bill right off and some how I have accumulated a bill in that same amount its very frustrating I am unable to renew my drivers license and I just dont know what to do

    • Tammy Flores says:

      Your driver’s license should be fine. It’s your Plate License they will deny. Did you ask for proof that you were on the highway?

  5. J. Doherty says:

    Why can’t this problem be referred to the Ontario Ombudsman?

    • Tammy Flores says:

      I agree with you. I have been in touch with the Ombudsman. There are concerns over the arbitration issues, however, they have not officially said they will investigate. They are the ones with that power, not me.

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