The Ministry of Transportation Gives Conflicting Information Re: 407ETR‏

The group “Stop the 407ETR’s Abuse of Power” has been busy over the past few weeks trying to piece together how the Ministry of Transportation receives notice from 407ETR and what documentation they receive that justifies putting someone in Plate Denial.
The group is complaining that they have been receiving conflicting information from the Ministry of Transportation’s representatives.  The group stresses that they are not blaming the Ministry’s Representatives for purposefully giving out misinformation, but rather stresses there is a cloud of ambiguity that causes confusion surrounding how someone is placed in Plate Denial.
When Andrew Bird went to get a sticker for his vehicle, he was told at the counter that he owed $43,000.00 to 407ETR and that he wouldn’t be able to get a sticker until he paid the money owed.  They were not able to give him any details about what the charges where for. Andrew called Service Ontario to see if he could get more information on what the charges were for.  He spoke with Anthony and asked if they had any back up information that would provide him with details. Anthony said the 407 sends the information over to the Default Fine Control Centre, managed by the Provincial Courts and that Service Ontario draws the information from the Default Fine Control Centre on how much was owed.
I decided to get in touch with the Default Fine Control Centre because Lou Politano, the Ministry of Transportation’s Regional Director, had given me different information on how a person is place in Plate Denial.  Lou said they receive, “a security-encrypted electronic transmission from 407 ETR, uploaded to the Ministry’s database overnight. The transmission includes a unique file number for that report, and details to identify the license plate number, the 407 ETR Account number, the amount owing, and the date on which a Section 22 (Notice of Plate Denial) was sent to the customer. Furthermore, each transmission includes a statement from the Chief Financial Officer at 407 ETR certifying that 407 ETR has complied with the requirements of the Act in the issuance of notices.”
Rose from Default Fine’s says “We don’t deal with 407 at all here… it’s something that has been commissioned out to the 407 you have to deal with the 407 people”.
I also called Service Ontario to find out why people are receiving mixed messages on how someone is placed in Plate Denial.  Parvin, from Service Ontario said, “maybe they were mixed up… the only thing we get to see is the actual amount owing… we don’t have access to see any account numbers. I really can’t speak to anything, you have to speak to 407ETR about what their protocols are.”
Despite provisions in the 407Act to be able to dispute bills independently of the company, it appears the Ministry of Transportation has dropped the ball and has allowed 407ETR call all the shots.  Not only does 407ETR not provide their customers with documentation that would indicate what the actual tolls are, but they don’t provide the information to the Ministry of Transportation either.  How can the Ministry of Transportation justify blindly honoring requests for payment from 407ETR?  Nobody is looking over the shoulder of 407ETR and you know what they say… absolute power corrupts absolutely.
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  1. Vlad says:

    Government should stop this. 407 due whatever they want.
    Price doubled for last 6 years.
    Government should put it under control.

  2. D Murphy says:

    There are a number of points to be made,surrounding the “actual legalities” of the 407 abuse of power!
    An alarming amount of Indivduals, are alleged to own huge amounts to the 407 ETR with no apparent representation or point of origin.
    It would appear the list of reasons for this dilemma, varies from, fraudulent claims to inactive files, that should have been purged and discharged in accordance to the Statute of Limitations Act.and the Bankrupcy and Insolvency Act.
    While the 407 has notified users of the increases to the toll rates, they have been totally negligent of notifying anyone of the, increases to interest rates.
    As every other Company or Corporation in Canada, must comply to fair notification of increases to related charges in compliance to the Legislated Laws, that govern “fair business practices”.
    It would be appreciated, if a team of intelligent Lawyers would stop this dictatorship of the 407.

    In 2001 the 407 imposed an interest rate of 1% monthly to a total of 12.68% per annum, by 2002 the annual interest rate went to 19.56% and by 2003 it was at 26.82%.
    One must ask, why? the increases occurred and how? the 407 is unaccountable for this outrages “loan sharking” interest rates within such a short period of a 3 year time line.
    In 1998,a 99 yr lease was established, with the provisions that this Private Corporation of the 407, must “adhere” to Provincial & Federal Legislated Laws/
    These facts require investigation to prove the illegitimacy of the alleged claims of incoherent amounts.

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