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How many of you complained to the Ministry of Transportation? What response did you get? Did they act on your complaints of being in Plate Denial? Have they claimed to investigated your case? Did you recieve any documents from their communications with the 407 ETR? If you complained to the Ministry of Transportation and have not found their response to be satisfactory, please make a complaint against the Ministry’s lack of action to the Provincial Ombudsman here. This is not the 407 Ombudsman that is merely the collection arm of the 407 ETR.  This is Ontario’s watchdog whose mandate is to tackle problems we are having with our government.  Perhaps this will make the Province listen to us?  What do you think?

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One Response to “The Provincial Ombudsman”

  1. James Brumwell says:

    I just finished talking to one of 407 ETR’s collection people about an out-standing bill.

    I have been in the military my whole adult life, closing in on 40 years, been deployed overseas to some rather nasty areas, had to point a weapon at people, had quite a few pointed at me. But in all that time, I never treated or talked to people the way this woman talked to me.
    I understand that the area of collections can be challenging, but like my grandmother used to say, you catch more fly’s with honey than vinegar.
    All that aside, the reason for this comment. I used the 407 with a car I previously owned jointly with my wife, same as the one I just paid the bill on. 407 sent me a bill, I overpaid, they sent me a notice of credit. I traded the old vehicle, purchased a newer one, changed the plates for Veterans plates. Used the 407, was subsequently billed for the use. Like a normal forward thinking adult, I assumed that the gurus at the 407 would deduct the owed payment from my credit. Should never assume, ass, u, me.
    I brought up this very thing with the overly friendly lady at collections, and was informed that the credit was in my wife’s name, and she would have to contact 407 to sort it out. How convenient is that?
    Oh yeah, the credit was larger than the debt.
    Had to vent, getting tired of being treated like shit by petty pissants.
    Thank you.

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