The Review of the Province’s Policy Statement and Highway 407’s Importance

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This article can be found in the Toronto Caribbean on page 15.  you can download the paper here

The group “Stop the 407 ETR’s Abuse of Power” has been very busy in this first quarter of 2012. We have visited the 407 ETR’s offices and meet with Kevin Sack, VP of Communications and Government Relations. We also met with the Regional Director of the Ministry of Transportation, Lou Politano, as well as other staff members in Strategic Highways at the Ministry of Transportation. We met with all 3 main political parties and provided them with evidence of wrong doing by the 407 ETR by way of invoice suppression and how lax the Ministry of Transportation has been in holding the 407 ETR accountable for their questionable billing practices.

Although we have nothing to announce at this moment, we feel very encouraged that we will have something positive to announce in the very near future. Going forward in the fight for accountability with the billing practices of the 407 ETR, our group has discovered other important public policy issues.

Gridlock is no secret in the GTA. Taken from the Provincial Government’s website “The Government of Ontario is undertaking a review of its land use planning policies contained in the Provincial Policy Statement, as required by the Planning Act… The Provincial Policy Statement recognizes the complex inter-relationships among economic, environmental and social factors in planning and embodies good planning principles. It provides strong, clear policy direction on land use planning to promote strong communities, a clean and healthy environment and a strong economy. It includes policies on key issues that affect our communities, such as: the efficient use and management of land and infrastructure; protection of the environment and resources; and ensuring appropriate opportunities for employment and residential development, including support for a mix of uses. “

Please note an important aspect of the province’s policy is the efficient use and management of land and infrastructure. Our highways are part of the province’s infrastructure and there is reason to question any claims that Highway 407’s model is a successful model to cope with the problems the Province has with traffic congestion. Charging drivers a toll on routes deemed highly congested is becoming increasingly popular. Does a free flowing toll highway prove that tolls are an effective way to lower traffic congestion? What are some important facts, those that promote tolls as an effective way to lower traffic congestion, are missing? We will reveal our findings in the next article.

We want to know the social/economic impact that driving on this highway has had on you. Please write to Stop the 407 ETR’s Abuse of Power, 75 Bayly Street, PO Box 14524, Ajax, Ontario, L1S 7K7 or email us at

You can also find us at If you would like to keep up to date with what’s happening on a daily basis, please join our Facebook group “Stop the 407 ETR’s Abuse of Power” or you can follow us on Twitter @407AbuseofPower.

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