Tollroad news Article from November 12th, 2004


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When Transportation Minister Harinder Takhar ordered an investigative review of consumer complaints against the operator of Highway 407, it was done because there are provisions to renegotiate the concessions contract.

Immediately, the 407 ETR struck back claiming the Liberal Party of Ontario was fiercely critical of the 407 and its privatization by the then “Tory” government of Mike Harris.  Then the article reveals the whole crux of the problem as to why the government’s approach to rectify the issues surrounding this highway was ineffective.  Rather than focusing on customer service as they should have, they were promising “roll back” tolls and made comparisons with toll rates on the New York State Thruway – a half century old pike with relatively little debt – to charge the 407 with “gouging”.

I’m sorry but when on April 17th, 2009, The Toronto Star publishes an article that shows that this highway has profited $8 million for the quarter ending March 31st, 2009 as a reversal report of an initial claim of an $11.9 million loss for the same period, I have to question what’s going on and whether or not it has anything to do with the fact that our CPP just purchased 10% of Ferrovial’s stake in this highway for 25% more than the initial asking price?  Are the books being cooked?  I think the public deserves a transparent explanation for this.  Also, I don’t buy the whole debt claim when they are boosting that type of profit.  What is it operators of Highway 407?  Are you crying poor or are you gouging the public?

The article goes on to cry foul claiming MPP Mike Colle was not an adequate choice to head up this panel of inquiry because of his involvement in environmental crusade’s and a whole slew of ridiculous claims.  The 407 ETR went on to promote how an impartial government would have appointed an impartial panel of inquiry headed by an impartial figure.  I would gladly volunteer for this position because I know where all the skeletons are and would love the opportunity to correct what’s wrong with this highway.  Would that be acceptable to you 407 ETR?  I actually love this highway enough to invest many hours of my own, unpaid time to shed light on the problems you have tried to cover over for a very long time.  Furthermore, in my opinion, the constant rhetoric in the article highlighting things that the 407 ETR doesn’t like about the Liberals confirms why this government is hesitant to do what they initial set out to do with regards to fixing what’s wrong with the 407 ETR’s customer service.  They are afraid of being accused of extravagant badmouthing, refusing to accept arbitrator’s decisions and lying.  The truth of the matter is, in my opinion, that people would have confidence in any government that would protect its citizens from bullies like the 407 ETR.

I would go out on a limb and say anyone that tries to correct what’s wrong with the 407 ETR’s administration would be accused by that administration as being inadequate.  The time has come 407 ETR for a reckoning because we the people are not backing down anymore.  We are not going to stand for this abuse of power.

The 407 ETR’s arrogance is revealed in this article and their dumbing down of how serious their customers complaints really are, only adds fuel to the fire.

Dalton McGuinty, our group has worked hard at collecting stories of how this customer service nightmare has only worsened over the years.  Can we start another panel and fix this problem once and for all?  There are provisions to renegotiate the concessions contract, the 407 ETR will be quick to say that is only if these changes will have no material impact on profitability.  Dalton McGuinty, what if their profitability is based on illegal collections and billing?  What provisions are there under those circumstances?

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