Traffic Woes

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There are public documents that show that the current 108 KM’s of Highway 407 was built because there was a need demonstrated in the GTA.  The City of Toronto’s growth was on average 4% from the time of it’s construction.  The growth of the GTA however went in leaps and bounds on an average of 20%.  Highway 407 was built to service this growth, however, under the current operation of this highway, that need is not being serviced because the private corporation can raise tolls to lower traffice volumes.  From a planning perspective this is a nightmare highway.

Ironically, the then Minister of Transportation was our pal Al Palidini (God rest his soul) and his buddy, now our Federal Minister of Industry, Tony Clement, took an inagrual drive on this beautiful highway together.  When this stretch of the highway was free to use, the 401 was a heavenly drive.  When the current operators started to charge the toll, the 401 became a nightmare again and the 407 was a ghost town.  Minister Palidini was quoted as saying… they’ll be back.  People this was when the highway was only approximately 10 cents per KM.  It’s now almost 25 cents per KM and the growth has exploded since then.  If you were to compare the numbers you will find that the 407 IS NOT servicing the need we have in the GTA.  This has to be addressed especially when the government is trying to sell us on the extension out here in the East Durham area.

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