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This article can be found in the July 16th, 2012 addition of the Toronto Caribbean on page 15.

Thank-you so much for writing to your MPP’s and the Provincial Ombudsman. Your collective voices will count. We cannot do anything without you. Please keep writing.

I understand by some of the responses I am getting back that the Ministry of Transportation is still giving out misinformation. They continue to say to the public that the Province lost a court battle with the 407 ETR in 2006 and that is why their hands are tied. They like to use that spin to justify why they have been blindly honoring the 407 ETR’s requests for Plate Denial. I would like to clarify this for you so that when you write back to your MPP’s and the Provincial Ombudsman, you will have a response to that spin.

I am sure you will agree with me that there is a huge difference between entering into an amicable agreement and being forced, by order of the court, into a situation you don’t want to be in. The truth of the matter is that the Province entered into an amicable agreement with the 407 ETR in 2006. Schedule B of that agreement speaks to the Plate Denial process being enforceable with lawful charges. The 407 ETR’s practice of invoice suppression has caused invoices to be sent out years after they claim a charge may have occurred. Thousands of dollars in interest usually accumulates within that time period and people just receive a whopper of a bill, with no details whatsoever. This is not just unlawful, but down right criminal in my opinion.

Section 314 of the Criminal Code speaks to a threshold of what interest charges would be considered criminal. There are also Usury Laws that go beyond just a consideration of a percentage of interest that would be considered to be extortion and speaks more to what is crossing the line of being justifiable interest. You don’t have to be a lawyer or a judge to see that what the 407 ETR has been doing crosses that line.

Please do not give up your letter writing campaign. We have an uphill battle, but your voices will make a difference.

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4 Responses to “Your Voice Makes the Difference”

  1. Gary Ward says:

    To whom it may concern;

    I have been battleing the ETR407 for over 10 years about them charging me for plate that didn’t belong to me and wouldn’t correct the invoice. I told them time & time again to correct the invoice and I will pay it. They told me to just pay it and they will credit my account or they will not allow me to renew my sticker. Well I declined, after 5 years of interest they decided that the plate wasnt mine because I proved it over and over again. But they wouldn’t correct the interest and that was way I refused to pay them. Well it last over 10 years and on Aug 13th the case they had against me in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice was all dismissed in costs. But they will not or have not to date removed anything from the MTO. I spoke with the MTO about my case and They told me they will Not do anything without the promission from the ETR407. This is wrong that the ETR407 has been given so much power and if the NTO did their job to begine with they wouldn’t have allowed them to suspend my privileges for a plate that wasn’t mine to begine with.

    Now sitting and waiting again and wondering how long it will take for them to remove from the MTO.


  2. Gary Ward says:

    Gary Ward, here again it is now October 26th and still no answer from the ETR407 or the MTO to remove the balance from my name. Spoke with the MTO and they said they will not do anything until the 407 gets back to them. I told the MTO I have the court doc’s but that means nothing to them…… Since when is the ETR407 above the Ontario courts system…….

    • Tammy Flores says:

      Gary, we are on it. All we can do is keep pestering “the powers that be” , launch lawsuits and hope there is someone honest that will fix this within the system.

  3. Tammy Flores says:

    Hi Gary,

    The best we can do collectively and write our MPP’s. Jodie Parmar wrote the most recent article on this blog. There is a legal way forward but it takes us to write to our MPP’s and push it.

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